Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yowza - This late breaking poker news is just too juicy to pass up. I posted a week or two ago about Andy Beal's open challenge to The Corporation. Nobody figured that Doyle and the crew would take him up on it.

Chapter 2.
Doyle Brunson responds to Andy Beal in the new CardPlayer.


From The Desk Of Doyle Brunson

Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: October 2004
To: Andy Beal

I'm very surprised at the hostile tone in which you wrote this open letter to us. It doesn't reflect the true character of the man all of us have learned to respect and admire. While I haven't talked to everyone concerned in this, I believe I speak for most.

First, I would like to apologize for any "fishermen's tales" that have been told. I know you are aware of the concern we have always had about discussing our game with anyone. I think you are aware of the way the media can distort anything they write about. I personally called you about the two writers wanting to write books on "the big game." After you had me give them your number, it appeared you weren't concerned with privacy any longer. You even wanted one of the writers to be an observer the next time we played.

As far as your challenge goes, we concede that you have more money than all of us put together. So, why would we want to get into a $100,000-$200,000 game in which we would be underfunded? We are pros, and we know the disadvantage of this. So, here is what we propose:

1. We will raise a $40 million bankroll and post it along with yours. (Everything is contingent on raising the money, but I think it is very realistic that we can expand and raise it.)

2. We will play 30K-60K. If either side loses half of its post-up money, it can raise the stakes to $50,000-$100,000. There is an old axiom that applies here: Get out the way you got in!

3. We will choose who plays and when.

4. We prefer to play in Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. Most of us live here, and what would we do in Dallas when we weren't playing? This is negotiable. The first three points aren't.

Andy, I'm chuckling as I write this closing paragraph. If Bill Gates came to Dallas and wanted to flip coins for $100 million per flip for four hours a day until one of you ran out of money or cried uncle, would you do it? My money says you would decline.

Doyle Brunson

Now go read Lou Krieger's latest column on the loose, insane games that are online poker. Even he plays at Party Poker. Plus, he even quotes Marshall McLuhan, for Gods sake.
It's Not Real, is It?

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