Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fuck me.

I wanted to write up a Guinness-fueled uber-post tonight, but circumstances dictate different.

Very frustrated. Can use any tech detectives or legal help. :)

Here's the sordid tale. My entire site has been hijacked. And this cockroach is hidden under so many layers that I am currently stymied. At least until business hours begin tomorrow morning, and I can make some calls.

When you hit this following site, it is NOT mine.
Go hit it and wait 5-7 seconds. It will redirect and load my entire fucking blog into his site.


Oh the humanity.

Go do a whois on this domain and let the rabbit hole open up.

I can email him at 13819037.fly@spamfly.com which is an identity protection service.

I got a reply from him that said this:

Trauriges I'm verstehe ich nicht, ist mein Aufstellungsort Guinneß und Schürhaken. Ich mag das Bier trinken und die Karten spielen. Ich verbinde mit Ihrem Ort des Netzes für Unterhaltung Wert. Frieden und ist glücklich.

Per Babelfish:

Sad I'm I understand not, am my place of assembly Guinness and Schuerhaken. I may drink the beer and play the maps. I connect value with your place of the net for maintenance. Peace and is lucky.

Um, ok. But in doing some IP tracking, I got this from the email header
X-Originating-IP: []
which resulted in being traced to the European version of the huge web hosting company, 1and1.

He sent a second email, mocking me.

Registerfly, the fuckers who are hiding the hosting and personal identity of this bastard have been very unhelpful. My attorney suggests I may have to go after them if this guy won't stop the hijack.

Yes, it's still my banners and all that. BUT THAT MISSES THE POINT.

It makes me sick. Why even bother write this up if it's just gonna get ripped off?

It's the principle of the thing.

I sure would like to find this guy's identity. Any help? Advice?
Trolls, avoid the cheap shots, please. It's no fun to get something completely ripped off, especially when you've worked very hard on it.

I guess what I should do is delete my blog and then put up a page with a giant Nazi flag for my German friend. Anyone know of a decent blog archiver?

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