Thursday, November 04, 2004

"It is not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion which makes horse races."
Mark Twain

Wow, what a great day to be unemployed a professional poker player. I spent a large portion of my day reading blogs. About politics.

Oh the humanity.

Sure made for interesting reading, to say the least. So allow me a simple linkfest to some of the more interesting bloggers after the fallout. So please spare me with any troll attacks - I'm not espousing anything political here. I'm just linking, k? Call this a slow poker news day, although I'm quite sure RGP has been completely overrun with outrageous political flame wars. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post a Best Of RGP insanity, if I can stomach it.

But for now, let's start with the left, shall we?

Tony Pierce has three posts up.

Our benefactor, Mr Wheaton, is stunned and sad. 390 comments already.

Marc Cooper says the Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves.

Oliver Willis hates the Right.

The Daily Kos wants Howard Dean as Chair of the DNC.

And finally, two real-life good friends of mine, both beautiful, liberal women have posts in their respective blogs. Please check out I Ain't Afraid to Say It for an anti-Bush rant. Scroll down even further for a kickass post on African American slavery reparations. Trust me, she ain't afraid to say it and she's a better writer than you. Plus, she's uberhot.

I've been reading HMS forever. I can only admire her writing skills from a far off distance. She's another outstanding writer who ain't too happy with the election results. Please go visit HalfMadSpinster. I also must point out that HMS's blog slogan is "I love reading the voyeuristic personal shit. I do." - Iggy. Funny cause it's true. She's also uberhot, so go read her now. :)

And for the right, I'm going to offer ONE post, and one post only.
It's quite over the top. He disabled comments, sadly, as there was quite an intense flame war going on. One can only hope this is satire:

Four More Years! AKA: Take That, You Sons of Bitches

OK, my humble apologies. Go read everyone's favorite Texas poker blogger The Fat Guy, too.

I loved this comment in I forget what blog. What's wrong with common sense?


And many of your commenters imply that a vote different then theirs can only be explained by their oppositions lack of thinking, or their ignorance, or blah, blah, blah.

Here's a little friendly advice.

Get over yourselves.

49% of america can't be ALL wrong about needing a change in leadership.

And 51% of america can't be ALL wrong in keeping the current leadership in power.

To claim otherwise, to refuse any sort of credibility whatsoever to either side of the political spectrum is pure, egomaniacal arrogance... not to mention intellectual suicide.



George Will, the bow-tied freak writer, made an interesting comment. He believes Michael Moore contributed to Kerry's defeat. His believes Moore displayed such rabid hatred of Bush, and everyone that supports Bush, that he turned off a significant number of moderate Democrats and undecided voters. As a result, they voted for Bush.
He went on to say that the Democrats will now have to get as much distance as possible between Moore and themselves. If this is true, it seems ironic that the guy who hated Bush the most actually helped him get re-elected.

I found it interesting that Mr. Moore took down his site today.

Alrighty then, I apologize for my tangent away from poker blogging. God knows I could write a kickass political blog but I just don't have the damn time. I'm simply content to come on here and write about my beloved game of poker.

poker > politics

I had a few comments I'd like to answer here, in lieu of a normal uber poker post.

Are you planning on posting your status during your professional poker run like some other blogs? Bankroll tally or anything like that.

Perhaps, but I'm not sure that's very interesting to my readers. After all, I write this blog because it's something I would fucking love if I was trapped in an office and wanted some quality surfing content. And I don't often post about my own play - perhaps I should, I dunno. I find it a boring topic. I fold a lot.

I've actually only played poker one day thus far this week. See, I've been bouncing around 5.10, 10.20, and 15.30 for quite awhile now. Trying to build my book on players, adjust my game to the varying game styles and not worrying about collusion. I haven't determined my bread and butter ring game yet. Fast Eddie just repeatedly calls me a blithering idiot for not multi-tabling 15.30 and he's likely right. My bankroll can handle the swings and I'm a winning player there, so I don't really have any excuse outside of restraint/caution.

I prefer to play no-limit and short-handed poker in person. Those games are much more 'feel' for me. I can better bully, push thin edges and obviously get actual reads on my opponents. I realize that the soft white underbelly of 6 handed games are where David Ross and Poker Chronicles regularly earn, and that's what I'm dabbling in, too.

I have a couple questions. Do you have a different plan on tourneys with only a big first prize?

Outside of sit and go's, I've only once played in a winner take-all poker tournament. It was only 125 players for a WSOP seat, on Poker Stars, back in April. Felicia wrote a fine recap of my journey in that odd tourney here: FeliciaLee sweats Iggy.

Damnit, this is all I can recall from my lost post last evening.

Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos.

More coming.....

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