Friday, November 05, 2004

"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."
John Donne

It's time for another poker blog debutante ball.

Hell, I just love the poker bloggers. Many of these 35+ blogs don't even link to me, yet I don't care. I'm all about the damn pimpage. We've came a long way, boys and girls, and I'm just happy to see our little corner of the BlogoSphere continue to flourish.

I'll update my blogroll on the right as time permits. But for now, I offer these kickass new poker writers. Please go visit and show some love.

Poker Nation
A journey through a poker-crazed country - is writing a poker book.

Res Ipsa Poker
A blog about poker, booze, bad dietary habits and golf, not necessarily in that order. Oh, the humanity!

Big Slick Nuts!
Degenerate poker player.

Glued to the seat - Poker

Mr. Legendary's Poker Quest
One man's adventure in the world of Poker, Life and so much more!

Sideways Poker
Everything Poker, along with a splash of armchair psychology and an above average amount of alliteration.

Tales of the cyber felt, a Poker Odyssey
Here you'll find info on my current life in poker. The ups, the downs (hopefully more ups) whatever. I'll also probably launch into a nice rant now and then.

Bad Beat Blog
A blog about poker, mostly.

Poker - Another Fool And His Money

Once in a Blu Moon

Musings of a Poker Novice

The Camel Ruminates

Poker Bastard

StretchJones Poker
An exercise in vanity publishing with the primary subject of poker.

The blog of Aequitas58, and his online poker journey.

My Little Poker Blog
My little poker blog helps me think through what I'm doing on the felt.

Poker Queen
Tips, advice, links, and random musings on the game of poker.

Luckyblind's Poker Blog
Random thoughts and reports from a relative Poker newbie. From Ireland.

WSOP Wannabe
Just started gambling.

Nickleanddimes Poker
Ex Volleyball and Softball playing guy, becomes a dad and tries to tackle the low-stakes online poker world

A View From Barad-dur
Diary of an Amateur Poker Player.

Online Poker Rocks!

the hammer
thoughts and musings from the online poker world (yes, another one)

The Case Money - Poker Blog
My poker journey: Turning the Case Money into millions. . . .one dollar at a time.

Dan's Poker Blog
I am a 22 year old Senior in college majoring in political science.


The Palace of Bling
Part poker blog, part crap log

Poker Soft
Andy Ward's Poker Diary

A Chick and A Chair
Poker, from my perspective.

2 Hole Cards
Fold'em More Than You Hold'em

A Poker Blog

Bazkar's Poker Voyage
I am not a professional writer or a professional poker player...........I am simply a man in love with poker and the voyage it is taking me on. One man's thoughts as he struggles with his balance between work, family, and poker

mortal_one's Poker Journey
Finding my way through life and poker. (Through the shuffling madness)

Diary of a Poker Slut
The Fine Art of Addiction Substitution

Hunts Vegas Poker

Drac's Blog aka A Wired Pair in the Five Hole
Poker, hockey...I love 'em, and I love to talk about them.

Professional Hacker, semi-professional poker player, father at heart. Technology, Poker, and life... Welcome to the "PokerHack" Blog.

Thanks for visiting! Have a seat and someone will be with you shortly.

50 Outs Poker
Sometimes it looks like he has 50 outs...

The Poker Boss
My Attempt At Surviving The World Of Online Poker.

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