Saturday, December 18, 2004

I just want to offer a hoist of the Guinness to Otis on his leap forward. To get paid to blog is a dream for all of us, and we'll all be living vicariously through you.

Damnit, Otis! See?! All that praise I was heaping on you at the bar WAS 100% ACCURATE! :)

I hope everyone is keeping up with the fine Trip Reports from the debauchery last weekend. Was it really only a week ago?

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say I planned on writing the mother-of-all-uber poker posts tonight, but I'm gonna go play on Party Poker, instead. Maybe a blogger table will break out later, if we're lucky.

I may start the massive post tomorrow, but I may not complete it until Monday as I have some freelance work due. Actually, I was toying with the idea of breaking up my next uber-post into a dozen unique posts, but after many beers now I'm liking the challenge of writing my longest post ever, in tribute to our gathering last weekend.

I really need to borrow one of Pauly's interns.

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