Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm back.

Let it be said that Pauly knows how to throw one helluva party.
Pauly fucking rules.

Yes, I showed up to the inaugural Bloggers Vegas Bash. And had an utter blast, no matter how surreal the entire experience was. It's so damn cool to finally meet all of you whom I read every damn day.


Here's the abridged version of my Master Plan that sadly didn't materialize:
I initially wasn't able to attend, so I decided the next best thing to do was rent a dwarf to show up for the Bloggers tourney in my place.

Which I did.
The search for said Little Person in Vegas is an entirely separate tale, but I ultimately succeeded in locating a professional dwarf performer.

So I went out and had a custom Bonus Code IGGY tshirt (tshirt size = small) created for my dwarf. I sent him a Party Poker hat. I decided to provide him with a Guinness for one hand and a hammer in the other, and to have him bellow, "Oh the humanity," as he walked in the poker room to take his seat at the table.

In retrospect, it was probably a stupid idea, but I thought it might provide some chuckles among my fellow bloggers. So even after deciding at the last minute to go to Vegas to meet my peers, I continued to move forward with my plan.

Alas, it didn't work out. First of all, my dwarf was also a mental midget and showed up over 30 minutes late, rendering him worthless. Secondly, and more important, I was in full blown blackout mode before even arriving at Sams Town for the tourney, rendering me worthless.

Oh the humanity.

It woulda been funny to pull off, damnit.

I have far too many anecdotes to relate right now - I need to get some badly overdue sleep and decompress. I met so many damn cool people this weekend, it was amazing. A big thanks to the folks at Vegas Vegas Poker & Dick at Sams Town for organizing the tourney, even if I was too obliterated to play. And congrats to Felicia for winning the tourney; she _was_ my pick, after all.

Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to Pauly for making it all happen.
Can't wait for the next one.

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