Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sorry for the lack of posts - way too much going on. I've plenty to blog about, but it will have to wait until tonite or tomorrow. I was stuck on a six hour horse rescue mission today. An old horse (29 years old!) went down at the bottom of a ravine, laying uphill, making it impossible for him to get up. It was extremely muddy and rainy and cold. An ugly, ugly situation. Six hours later, with the help of a battalion of fire fighters & their nifty tools and winches, we managed to somehow get the horse out. Any locals out there should watch Channel 9 tonight because the news crews filmed the craziness.

Usually when I'm on the news, it's for something criminal and/or deviant.
Nice to see I'm mellowing out in my old age.

I think I caught pneumonia.

We were featured on both the 5.30 and 6.00 news. "Dramatic horse rescue." Which it most certainly was - I still can't believe we didn't end up having to bury him. My buddy, Joey, who owns this ancient horse stated this on TV, "He's like a damn Rolex. He just keeps on ticking."

Whoops, I almost forgot to point out that today is the one year anniversary of one of my all-time favorite poker bloggers, MeanGene. Go read his retrospective, and hell, he even took the time to highlight some of his notable posts from the past 12 months.
Mean Gene's Poker Blog

K, hopefully I can pound out an uber post, if not tomorrow, then over the weekend.

And finally, I hope all the bloggers heading to Vegas have a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it!

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