Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Damn, what's next for this blogger community? Iggy as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms? That seems about on par for the way things have been going lately.
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Boy, it's just one thing after another. Otis with the professional poker blogging gig down in the Bahamas and now Hank with his big announcement. I can honestly say I'm not jealous one iota, simply because I accept I'm not as good a writer as Otis, and not as smart as Hank. But I'll admit to feeling a bit like Charlie Brown after the goodies are handed out - I GOT A ROCK.

But I'm excited as hell (and even proud) for both of them. And from Hank's tale, the idea that one of my blog pictures made Jesus outwardly groan did my heart good.

Geepers, Otis is now blogging hand for hand!! Otis so freaking rules - go visit now.

But one thing that was cool was the 2004 Awards post from our esteemed colleagues over at the Poker Prof's site. After over 15 months of writing my drivel, it's especially nice to get recognition from your peers, so thank you, Prof. And Linda over at Poker Works is one my alltime favorite reads, so it's humbling to be grouped with her.

2004 Prof Hall of Fame inductees:

Party Poker Blogs (Guinness and Poker) – Iggy was one of the first poker bloggers and he is instrumental in the community. The terms Blogfather and Uberpost refer to only one site and one blogger, Party Poker Blogs and Iggy.

Table Tango
– Linda's site is one of the oldest continuously updated poker sites on the internet and her blog was around before the term blog had even been coined. Writing about her experiences as a dealer at the Bellagio provides readers with behind-the-scenes view of the poker industry.

Biggest Community Contribution

Winner – Poker Perspectives, Maudie created the logo for the WPBT, had T-shirts made for the event and always seems to be lending a hand.

Runner-Up (tie) – Tao of Poker and Guinness and Poker – Pauly and Iggy both genuinely care about growing and helping the community. Everytime I stumble across a new poker blog I almost always see an encouraging comment from Pauly and nobody is better at debuting new blogs than Iggy.

For the record, I have a veritable plethora of new poker blogs to pimp. Perhaps tomorrow I'll hold another debutante ball and introduce them formally.

K, now that I'm done with my back-slapping, I have an announcement of my own. Actually, I have two, but I'll save one for later.

The next online installment of the World Poker Blogger Tour is tenatively set for Wednesday, Feb 2nd at 9pm EST. I've decided on PokerStars again so that folks don't have to fund accounts at a new site. If you are a first-timer to PokerStars, please feel free to use my link. Or not, it's up to you.

Yes, we will have a celebrity or two playing with us.

Let's make it a $20 buyin event, shall we? No-limit, of course.
I haven't yet posted the tourney but will do so in the next day or two. Let's hope for another outstanding turn-out. But I've heard from several bloggers that they want this to be a blogger-only tourney.....shall we allow readers to play? I'm all about the More the Merrier, but I'll acquiesce to what everyone else wants to do.

Damn, so much to blog about but I'm dying to play. I'll be back soon with much, much more.

I'll leave you with a Russ Boyd tshirt I discovered while surfing around:

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