Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Howdy all. Quick post here. I'm leaving Friday to head back to Minneapolis for a wedding this weekend. Hopefully, I'll be able to squeeze in an uber post before I leave.

Immediately upon my return I have shoulder surgery. I doubt I'll be able to post for awhile after that so I'm entertaining thoughts of having non-stop guest posters until I recover. It seems that Teedub's post went over well, so why the hell not? Email me with any submissions. If I receive any, I'll post em next week and perhaps the week after. Again, I'm not sure how long I'll be out of commission.

Per the World Poker Blogger Tour, to reiterate, the readers can play.
The tournament is now posted under the Private tab.

Feb 2nd, 9pm EST
$20 buyin, NL tournament
Password: thehammer

Oughta be quite a hoot, per usual.

Anyway, allow me to leave you with this wonderful anti-blog rant from veteran 2+2 poster, Busterstacks. Here's the full thread if you wanna read it yourself.


Blogs are Gay

Everytime I see a new blog starting up, I am compelled to sound off, so here goes.

Blog's are gay. Why do people feel so self-important? The problem with blogs is that they aren't written by anyone interesting. If they were, they would be TV shows. Furthermore I think the writers of these blogs are delusional. Do you really think you are captivating audiences with your ruminations on everyday life? Give me a god damn break. Hey man, check out my blog! No fucking thanks, if I wanted to know about your boring ass life, I would hang out with you.

Note to blog authors: If the blog was YOUR idea, it was surely a bad one. Don't you think if someone wanted to know about your life, they would ASK you to write a blog? Hey I know, I'll just start a blog and if nobody reads it I don't care, it's for me anyway. That's a steaming load of crap. If you don't want anyone to read it, then don't write it.

Now that we've established that blog authors desperately want an audience, let's move on to content. My thesis: Nobody in the US has ever written an interesting blog. Why the US? Well, blogs from international spies or people in war-torn countries are obviously cool. Compared to those though, American blogs are dumb. I mean this with absolute sincerity, and it is addressed to anyone who writes a blog: your life is not interesting. No really, I know it seems interesting because it's your life, but it's not. And a poker blog? I hope to god anyone who writes a poker blog is playing at LEAST 15/30 online. I think I'd rather do my own dental work than read a blog about 5/10 or lower.

And wtf is a blog anyway. It sounds like something I dropped off in the toilet after a night of pickled eggs and Jaegermeister. Was "weblog" too many god damn syllables to digest? Or was blog just too "hip" to pass up. Either way, I won't be reading any blogs, least of all any poker blogs. Peace


Link of the Day:
Straight Man Seeks Crooked Woman
Strabismique was 11 years old when a woman in her thirties caught his eye. "The emotional storm that this stirred up inside me was the most violent I had ever experienced."

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