Saturday, January 08, 2005

Inspired by a fellow poker blog, I decided to play a satellite to the Party Poker Million, going on this weekend. Hell, why not take a shot at a seven day cruise for a mere $32? I surprisingly win my way into the semi and prepare to play at 3pm today.

1,300 players.
And I am dismayed to discover it's a freaking limit tourney. I suppose I'd consider myself a ring game limit specialist, so it's interesting that I dislike limit tourneys versus no-limit. Mostly because they take so freaking long. But also because you can do so much more with no-limit wagering.

So anyway, I waste nearly four hours of my life, finishing 140-something. I didn't get cards and didn't play very well. Go figure. Anyway, thanks to FTrain for the enouragement.

The last PPM tourney is tommorrow evening and it happens to be no-limit, as God intended it to be. I'm off to try & win a seat in that and then perhaps find some bloggers to play with.

I'm gonna do my best to blog an uber-post tommorrow. Hopefully, the tourney won't get in the way.

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