Friday, January 14, 2005

I've heard so much from Iggy about the fish on partypoker, that I finally signed up and resolved to lug home my PC offce laptop to play with. At home of course, boss! Only at home!

Anyway, I knew there were bad players but jebus, I was unprepared. Because people played such crap, I realize it takes a whole different approach on this site. Now I have to get that down and keep reminding myself that there will always be a sucker staying in to try and hit his flush draw. Always. Does this stop being true at higher limits? Anyone? (I was playing 1-2 to start)

chicks with chips

You are gonna love Party Poker, Toby. :)

It's been a fun couple of days, eh?
Good times, good times.

Hey, for all you folks whining about the poker blogging community "disappointing" you or whatever, get over yourselves. The community is fine, fer Gods sakes. I truly feel that a brutal flame ala StinkyPants is possible here (Lord knows I'd have fun writing it and get bonus points from BG) but alas, this is a kinder, gentler Iggy. Plus, Chad said it nicer better than I ever could.

The older I get, the more I can suffer fools.
And Trolls.
But I'm hoping the mudslinging ends here and we move forward. I simply wanna drink copious amounts of Guinness, bark about Bonus Code IGGY and write massive uber-posts for anyone interested enough to read it. Is that so wrong?

My final comment on this retarded issue:

The Hammer is a fucking meme.

I'm sorry for all of you that don't understand that.
Your loss.

Let's move on, shall we? Let us never speak of this sordid affair again.

Per the World Poker Blogger Tour, the readers can play. I'd say the bloggers are due for a dethroning but we're undefeated thus far....

Feb 2nd, 9pm EST
$20 buyin, NL tournament

Poker sure is a fickle mistress. When the wins happen, they tend to happen so easily and effortlessly that it can trick you and may start causing you to feel that this is the norm - the way things are "supposed" to work. But it ain't. Sometimes I need to remind myself that money doesn't always magically flow my way. And a recent downswing on the 15.30 tables has painfully etched this lesson on my bankroll.

But I'm used to losing. That sounds funny to write, but it's true. I don't get overly excited when I book a big win and I don't get upset when I suffer through extended losses. I obviously wasn't born this way but I taught myself this attitude through experience. Surely, like me, you know some poker players who have the biggest problem in the game are the ones who almost "demand" something from it. It's as if they feel it owes them something or they 'have something coming.'

That's a poor attitude to have in poker, imho. A certain measure of indifference is required to succeed long-term. Impatience in a poker room, especially online, will destroy your bankroll quickly.

Someone was whining to me about a particularly bad beat the other day. I quickly copied and pasted one of my favorite poker quotes to chill them out:

Rarely is any hand greater than an 80% favorite, and we jump at the chance to get all our money in the pot in that situation. But one out of five times we will lose this bet, and if we can't accept this, then we should go play chess.


Intellectually it's an easy pill to swallow but experience is the only way to fully digest the implications of the above truism.

So take a guess - is this me or Taylor? Great tshirt, btw.

Geepers, how do I segue past that?

I swear I'm going to scream if I read one more review of Tilt. Being a cableless loser, I didn't get the pleasure of watching it. But the overwhelming consensus was a big thumbs down, NY Times review, notwithstanding.

My favorite line from the millions of reviews:

Amarillo Slim's Review Of Tilt
"Hey, where are all these games with 12 year old girls?"

Let's link up and pimp. I'm overdue.

I need to cut off Jackpot Jay and his stupid ESPN column. This week he asks the deep and dark question:
Is playing poker really profitable?

Hey Gene, Poker Pages is featuring Isabelle Mercier in their player profiles. Enjoy.

Great new column by Howard Lederer in his website.
Poker and Zen.

There's a new feature on the Tiltboys site that tracks the "buzz index" of various poker players. Direct link: TiltBoys Buzz Index.

The buzz index is computed by first computing a ranking of each player on one or more search engines (currently just Google and Google News), and then adding the rankings together (after inverting). E.g. if there are 20 players being ranked, and one of them has ranking 3 and 12 on Google and Google News respectively, then their Buzz Index is [ (21 - 3) + (21 - 12) ] = 27. Deltas are computed from one run to the next. Enjoy.

What on God's green earth is a
"Phil Hellmuth 8c Clipstrip"?

Encouraged by Felicia, Tanya made this post on RGP about the upcoming Plaza tourneys. I'm seriously considering going, especially if there is a blogger get together sometime around then:

We need to Discuss The Plaza World Poker Classic....

Just got back from Vegas today for one day, I only live about a 2 hour
drive away though, so I go back and forth pretty frequently. I Stayed and
played at The Plaza, Downtown. Decided a few months ago that I really,
really like their poker room. Ben Magee is the tournament director now,
and is willing and able to set up private live tournaments for any group.
He has set up two for me so far, one with only 11 people, but the other
one with 100+ players expected.

Learned a lot about the Plaza World Poker Classic and I think RGP needs to
discuss this event.

In the current poker world, players are being robbed on juice, media
exposure with no pay, etc...etc...etc. We all know this, yet because of
the "they will pay to play" mentality that casinos and networks have, and
because it's TRUE...not much has been done about this.

Sure, the WPPA tried....yet failed. I'm not going to go into a song and
dance about how the players need to unite...blah, blah, blah.

What I am saying is that if players would just PLAY at the places where
they do give a damn about us, the poker players will be rewarded in ways
that we have never been before.

Case in point: The Plaza. This event coming up is (of course) of copycat
of the WSOP, Orleans Open, 4 Queens Classic...whatever. BUT the
difference...not one, or two but THREE main (BIG) differences that should
get players TALKING about this event and get the players over there

3. Plaza will give room rates to poker players of $35 midweek, $50
weekend during this event. Sure, it's not the Bellagio, but it's also not
the Rio charging poker players $250 a night (so I heard) because it
happens to be WSOP time. The rooms are clean, the beds are very
comfortable after 18 hours at the poker table..what more do poker players
need in a room? I know what they DON'T need...to get raped and prices
gauged all because there is a tournament going on.

2. Events Offered. Noticed any missing events at the WSOP? How about
H.O.R.S.E? Ace-5? Games that are being tossed aside because
"Hey...everyone wants to play No Limit!!!" NO, everyone does NOT want to
play No Limit, let's give the players some choices to choose from.

1. The biggest factor. The creme de la creme. I would really like some RGP
feedback on this one, especially from the more well known posters and "big
names" that we have in our forum community here. We used to pay up to 10%
juice in tournaments. Then it went up to 12%, then 15%, next thing you
know...we're being charged 60% in the North, 28% in LA, Harrah's is
charging up to 70% juice in some tourneys (Figures were computed by
Felicia Lee who is someone who watches these things like a Hawk, but
forgive any slight variance).

These amounts are RIDICULOUS. Sure, the casinos need to make money...but

Bottom Line: Plaza is going to guarantee EVERY event at a MAXIMUM of 5%
juice. You read right folks, MAXIMUM 5%. Not only that, but discussions
are occuring now to try and get that maximum actually lowered another
percentage point to 4%.

As smart, savvy poker players...how can we NOT afford to play at these

I am just another tournament poker player who wants to help spread the
word. I want to see people at these events, I want to pay less juice and
get decent room rates and be treated as a human by the staff. Don't you??


Starting April 19, Single Table Satellites, Various buy ins, 24 hours
Starting April 20, Second Chance, $300, 10pm
Starting April 20, Super Satellites, $225, 4pm & 8 pm
Event #1: April 20, Casino Employees, $500, Noon
Event #2: April 21, NL HE, $1,500, Noon
Event #3: April 22, PL HE, $1,000, Noon
Event #4: April 24, NL HE, $2,000, Noon (typo? Might be for 4/23)
Event #5: April 24, Limit Omaha 8 or Better, $1,500, Noon
Event #6: April 25, Stud, $1,000, Noon
Event #7: April 26, NL HE, $1,000, Noon
Event #8, April 27, Stud 8 or Better, $1,500, Noon
Event #9, April 28, Limit HE, $1,000, Noon
Event #10, April 29, Ace-5, $1,500, Noon
Event #11, April 29, NL HE, $500, 2pm
Event #12, April 30, PL Omaha, $2,000, Noon
Event #13, May 1, Seniors NL HE, $1,000, Noon
Event #14, May 2, H.O.R.S.E, $1,500, Noon
Event #15, May 2, NL HE, $500, 2pm
Event #16, May 3, L HE, $3,000, Noon
Event #17, May 4, PL HE, $2,500, Noon
Event #18, May 5, NL HE, $2,000, Noon
Event #19, May 6, Omaha 8 or Better, $2,500, Noon
Event #20, May 7, NL HE, $500, Noon
Event #21, May 8, Ladies NL HE, $500, 2pm
Event #22, May 8, Stud Hi, $3,000, Noon
Event #23, May 9, Shootout NL HE, $3,000, Noon
Event #24, May 10, Media Charity, $500, Noon
Event #25, May 10, Super Satellites, $225, 10am/3pm/7pm/11pm
Event #26, May 11-May 15, NL HE, $10,000
May 16, NL HE, $50,000
May 17, Final Table.

Here's a couple random archived RGP threads that I discovered.
Feel free to explore at your own leisure.

  • Action Flop Theory Of Online Poker - Crazy Russ

  • Ultimate Bet Scam of 2002 WPT event in Aruba

  • Pokerspot Demise...The first sign of trouble...from 2000

  • Russ Boyd (Pokerspot CEO) attempts to explain the problem

  • Russ's explanation of how it all went wrong

  • Offshore Banking - Poker Players Guide

    Here's something I've spent far too much time thinking about. Attire and table image. I'm a blue jeans and t-shirt kinda guy - I'm much more concerned with being comfortable than how the hell I look. And thankfully, I look like a dimwit so that helps my image immensely. Bob Ciaffone says that he tends to play much tighter against poorly dressed players because they might not have the money to lose and will not be 'gambling' as much as someone with da bling-bling. Thoughts?

    So I dress like a bum and play high stakes poker...

    Hi guys,

    I work as a cable engineer. A big part of my work involves a lot of physical activity outside. So I have the luxury of wearing slacks, jeans, cargo pants, with sweaters and any apparel that has lots of pockets so I can put my tools in. Carrying a tool pouch isn't a fancy for me unless I absolutely have to do it. I also get to wear my lucky San Jose sharks cap.

    So my clothes are somewhat sloppy and sometimes dirty depending on the weather and what outside conditions I have to work in. Often times, I head down to cardroom after I'm finished work and play.

    Most of the other people who I play with in the high stakes on a regular basis are either 1. successful business people who like to gamble higher or 2. Very good poker players. I've noticed that either group likes to "dress up" to the part. I see players wearing really nice gold rings, Rolex watches, and other various jewellery. Some players even wear some very nice Armani suits to the game.

    Myself, I like a nice Armani suit, but I rarely get the chance to wear it. The jewellry stuff is a bit too much for me.

    So I guess these people like to show off how well they are.

    Now my question is: Is presenting an image of having so much materialistic goods benefial to one's game of poker? Does looking like a bum make that much of a difference.

    I once had a friend who asked me what I did for fun and I told him I played poker. He asked me how I did, and I said I did fairly well. His reply was that I obviously wasn't doing that well since I looked like a bum. So I started yapping about poker theories, poker terminalogy and that shut him up.

    But then I thought, he's kind of right. I look like a bum. I wear these Old Navy cargos. I wear a watch my x-gf gave me that only cost $80 (yes, I'm sentimental) and my SJ cap is starting to get worn out.

    I'm sharing this next tale for all you bitter, old, married guys.

    invading my sanctuary

    I've been married for 10 years, and although my wife is cute and has kept her figure I really don't even care to see the bitch naked anymore.

    But recently she has started playing poker and invading the one thing I got left to get away from her bitching. Playing in my home games, with me on the vegas trips and watching me over my shoulder on line.

    Last night in a 5/10 game on the very lame Absolutepoker.com
    I get 88 late and call two bets to see the flop which comes 5Q8, she immediately starts bitching, "Don't chase them off!, Don't chase them off!"

    Meanwile it is bet and raised before me, we cap it and the turn comes another 8,
    yes I needed it.

    More bitching. "Let them bet first!!!!"

    I have no problem geting it capped.

    river is a K and it gets capped again.

    I was up against KK and QQ.

    $400 pot. She screams her ear peircing nails on a chalkboard scream that has sucked the life force out of me for the last 10 years.

    Great, Now I can buy a hearing aid.

    How do I end this, without going to jail or giving up half of my stuff,
    or nursing the end of a .38?

    Tis funny, but the bloggers are rarely, if ever, mentioned on RGP. So imagine my surprise when I just came across this succinct post:

    Bloggers = High Schoolers
    You know I used to enjoy the "bloggers" Turns out they are just a bunch of high school mentality drunks.

    It's funny cause it's true.

    In online poker site news, here's an update on Zerorake: It's with regret that
    I inform you that Zerorake has sent it's customers an e-mail on December 23, 2004 announcing it's discontinuation. Zero rake = zero players.

    Press release from the folks at the WPT:


    Two-Day Fantasy Camp for Poker Players Provides Instruction from World Poker Tour® Hosts and Champions

    Several Student’s in Each Boot Camp Will Win a Seat at a WPT Satellite

    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL -- Ever wish you knew the poker pros' secrets for
    winning multimillion-dollar pots? Before now the only way to gain such
    experience was to invest thousands of dollars and hours in high-stakes
    poker. But when the new two-day WPT Boot Camp™ comes to town, people will
    have the chance to learn directly from the World Poker Tour® champions and
    the WPT hosts, picking up enough card-playing skills to put them on the
    "Fast Track to the Final Table."

    A fantasy camp for poker enthusiasts, WPT Boot Camp is designed to give
    amateurs an intensive emersion in poker strategy over a weekend.
    Instruction comes from WPT commentators Mike Sexton and Vincent Van
    Patten, as well as poker expert Alex "The Insider" Outhred, the man behind
    the camera who analyzes all hands played at WPT Final Tables. This core
    instructional group is augmented with a slate of poker champions such as
    two-tournament victor Ron Rose and young buck Scott Fischman.

    The only poker instructional school endorsed by the World Poker Tour, WPT
    Boot Camp limits enrollment to only 50 students so the learning experience
    is maximized. The cost is $1,495 per person, and seats can be reserved at
    www.wptbootcamp.com or call 866-WPT-BOOT. Every WPT Boot Camp will reward
    several student’s with entry into a WPT sponsored satellite tournament!

    This prolly isn't an issue for anyone but serious online poker players, but frankly, it's something I had to sit down and discuss with my wife. What would happen if I were to die tonite? Or tommorrow? Does she have any idea about my online poker money and how/where to get it? Here's a post that echoes this:

    Password question - in case of death

    Morbid question I know but a thought occured to me when I was reading that
    post about the guy who allegedly gave his PokerStars password to his best

    What suggestions do some of the more experienced RGPers have to allow
    heirs/family get money out of online accts. in case of death? I know many
    of you keep far more $$ online then I've built up (so far - heh heh ). I
    just realized that if I get hit by a truck tomorrow I havne't taken steps
    to allow my family to access my online funds.

    I guess I'll show them how to access the various sites to cash out and
    then I'll leave a list w/ my passwords in my safe deposit box where I have
    other important personal papers.

    I'm posting this very late so I might not get responses from the usual RGP
    crowd, if so I'm apologzing in advance if I re-post tomorrow during the
    day but I think this is an important question.

    Here's a photo of some friends of mine. They all love poker, too.

    I've been long overdue in pimpage for the new bloggers. Settle in and visit the new kids on the block - I'll be adding them to my blogroll in a day or two. Some great stuff here, please go support their efforts.

    Pathetic Poker Play
    A feeble and probably hopeless attempt at improving my play and gaining some catharsis about the game I know, love, and hate. The one thing I can promise in a "Read my lips" sort of way is NO NEW BAD BEEEEET stories. . .other than that keep your expectations low.

    Just Another Fish
    This is yet another poker blog written by someone trying to get better at the game.

    Poker, Pique and Parenthood
    Biography of a bad tempered, opinionated, small stakes poker player, full time software consultant and pending parent.

    Swimming with the Sharks
    Another Poker Blog. Here's a humorous attempt at recounting my own development during this recent poker craze. These are the confessions of an ever-evolving fish. I've taken the bait. Hook, line, and sinker.

    Jarooty's Poker BLOG
    This is my poker blog. I'll be posting various trip reports, poker obvservations and other incoherent ramblings...

    Feeding The Addiction - April!
    Follow along as I take a journey through the hell that is micro-limit poker in at attempt to increase my meager bankroll and learn more about playing the game.

    The Sooper Dooper Poker Adventure
    Just your regular 24 year old UK Poker Chiq; wannabe WSOP braclet holder; and general low limit grinder

    Where tatter legs always have respect

    Poker Wannabe
    Life at the bottom of the barrel

    Ultimate Poker Challenge Poker Blog

    The PokerShark's Cardroom
    ...follow a journey with me as I travel the landscape in search of the brass ring--a seat in the WSOP...

    Hella Hold'em
    One hella cool poker blog. Shelly = Pink, Randy = Blue (How precious!) :) Chicago burbs, represent!

    Beer City Poker
    Milwaukee based poker reports from wherever I go whether it be at Potowatmi, the Badger Poker Series, Vegas, online, or who knows where. So grab a beer or two or three or a dozen. Isn't that why they come in 12 packs?

    Short Stacked
    The journey of one man's rise to fame and fortune in the poker world...yeah right!

    Short Poker Notes
    Team blog by Jan Fisher, John Moore & "TV"

    The Poker Bear - Reflections on poker and life


    Poker Round

    Poker and Life

    Pay off my credit cards with poker
    My goal is to pay off my escalating credit card bills with online poker. I am setting this up so that I can stop myself from tilting all my money away, because I can be held accountable by all those that read this.

    MissT74 Poker Blog
    Too much about me to list here...read my blog...you'll get to know me quite well.

    Shortstacked, UTG, gets pocket rockets, only to have the clumsy dealer expose his own card. *Sigh* into the muck...

    Poker Punkass
    I like to play poker. I can't help taking about it too.

    Whew. This post is brutal. I do it all for you, gentle reader, because I am insane.
    Since I stopped playing and started writing this, the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot = $730,000. For the love of all that is decent, please sign up with Bonus Code IGGY.

    Note to self: home game tommorrow evening.

    Alrighty then, I'm off for the tables. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Tunica WPO Trip Report (Part One) from venerable RGP poster, Irish Mike. Good stuff.

    Err wait, in honour of this past week, I have one last blog to pimp.
    Please go visit: Seven Deuce
    The best starting hand in poker.

    World Poker Open Trip Report Part One - Long

    Just returned from the World Poker Open (WPO) which is held every January in Tunica, Ms, about 30 miles south of Memphis. Flew into the Memphis airport and took a shuttle [Unique Travel Shuttle Service 901/848-0486] to the Gold Strike (GS) casino where I had room reservations. Shuttle is $85.00 round trip. Gold Strike poker room rate was $49.95 per night, tax included. The GS is the nicest casino in Tunica and the rooms are comparable to the Mirage in Las Vegas. The GS and Horseshoe (HS) are next door to each other and the walk from one poker room to the other is less than five minutes. Both places have the most liberal food comps in the country and, in addition, the GS has a free tournament player's buffet. I was there a week and didn't spend a dime on food. My total trip cost was $600. If you plan to go to
    the WPO book your room well in advance because every place in a 20 mile radius was sold out.

    The HS poker room has 13 tables and another 18 or 20 tables set up out in the pit area. Normally the HS spreads $1-$5 stud, $4/$8 to $20/$40 HE and one pot limit, triple-draw low ball game in their poker room. During the WPO they spread $20/$40 and $30/$60 HE in the poker room and the other games are moved out to the pit area. The main WPO tournaments are held in the convention center at the GS, which is on the second floor right next to the GS poker room. All poker areas in both casinos are non-smoking.

    I make a couple of road trips to Tunica every year but this was my first time at the WPO. My strategy was to fly down to Memphis during the first week of the tournament and play in the $10/$20 to $30/$60 ring games. I also planned to play some single table satellites and the first two tournament events - $550 NL and $550 Limit. The poker crowd was huge and there were tons of side games to choose from, although the waiting list was frequently 60+ deep. Since it was only the first week of the tournament most of the big name players had not arrived yet. I did see Men the master and Clonie Gowen. I heard Dutch Boyd and some members of "the crew" were
    there but I didn't see them.

    2004 was my biggest winning year ever and December was my biggest winning month, so I was optimistic about my chances. Unfortunately my optimism was short-lived. First night was a good example. I took a seat in a $10/$20 HE game at the HS. There were two semi-happy drunks and an Asian guy who gave new meaning to the term "clueless". Between the three of them they dumped at least $3,500 in this game and I didn't get a dollar of it. In fact, I think I lost every big pot I played against them.

    I decided to go over to the GS and play some $65 single table satellites. The winner got a $500 tournament chip. The line stretched all the way around the large conference center and the average wait in line was about 40 minutes per satellite. I played three satellites and finished 3rd, 4th and won the third one. I went out to sign up for the $550 NL HE tournament. The sign-up line was so long it stretched out of the room, down the hall and back past the escalator - wait time was estimated at 3 hours plus. I heard (unofficially) that the tournament was going to be capped at 1,100, nearly 800 had already signed-up and there were more than 300 in line so I decided to pass and sold my tournament chip. Turns out they took a total of 1,500
    with 400 being alternates. Probably a lesson here about not basing your decisions on unofficial tournament information.

    My nest playing session was in a $20/$40 HE game and it was a real blood bath. I don't remember a playing session where I got so many premium starting hands or more action with them. Sadly I lost with nearly every one of them. It was almost surreal. Usually I'm the guy at the table who plays the fewest hands but in this one, I was "action jackson". I usually won't lose more than 30 BBs in a ring game but I got stuck $2,000 before I threw in the towel. So now, when I add in my expenses, I'm down $2,600 for the trip.

    One great thing about playing in Tunica is no matter how bad the poker gets you can always be entertained by the wit and wisdom of the local players. The following are a couple I heard at the table;

    "What do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Nothin' shes done been told twice".

    "When you look out yer winder in the mornin' and the first bird you see is a buzzard, you know yer day ain't goin' to be good."

    "Did your boy get out of prison? Yeah, he's done with that. What's he doin' now? He's in local jail now but it don't have nothin' to do with that prison thing".

    Another local player would always yell, "Well hello darlin'!" every time a card that helped him came up on the board..

    I decided to play in the regular $225 NL tournament at the HS, which was not related to the WPO tournament events. There were 100 entrants and 40 alternates. This proved to be the lowest point of an already bad trip. I knocked out a few players and became chip leader at my table. Another player who was second in chips bet all-in on a ragged flop. I was in the big blind, glanced quickly at my cards and saw I had made the nut straight. I immediately pushed all-in. Turns out I would have been better off if I had taken the time to re-check my hand - which I had misread. I didn't have the straight - only a gut shot, which I missed. I won't say I've never
    misread my hand before but it's been a hell of a long time since it happened. Two hands later I got the remainder of my pathetic chip stack in with AQs and lost.

    Next I took a seat in a $10/$20 game when they announced that there was a professional masseuse in the room. I signed up for a 15 minute massage for $25, which proved to be yet another mistake. The masseuse was a nice but big girl who didn't seem to know her own strength and had apparently learned her trade at the World Wrestling Federation. I've been in fights where I didn't get beat up this bad. When she was done she told me I had a lot of tension and really needed a full two hour massage on a table. She said she could get "a lot better leverage" if I was on a table. I was thinking that if she pounded on me for two hours I'd probably never walk again.

    The remaining days were pretty much a repeat of the first three. I managed to maintain good discipline but couldn't book a win of any size. I just bounced up and down in ring games and was still stuck more than $2,000 plus my trip cost. I went back to the HS to play in one of the ring games in the pit area. The sign-up list was huge and some players had been waiting hours for a seat. I juiced one of the floor men $40 and he got me a seat in a $10/$20 game. My first hand was AA, and second hand was KK so now I'm stuck another $400. I was looking forward to flying home in the morning and just putting this trip behind me.

    The $10/$20 game had started out with a good line up but most of the action players left so I followed suit. It was nearly midnight and the shuttle was picking me up at 6:15 am to take me to the airport. I decided to take one final shot and sat down in a $30/$60 game. On my second hand I pick up QQ and push them as hard as I can. Ace hits on the river and my Queens are toilet paper. I missed every drawing hand and none the few pots I did manage to win were very big.

    I was ready to call it a night when I picked up 77 in the big blind. The betting was capped when it got back around to me so this was a no-brainier fold situation. Out of position, 8.3:1 to flop a set which doesn't figure to hold-up even if I hit it. I see myself cold-call four raises. Flop is 9,9,4 with two hearts. Betting is capped again. I know the odds of trying to hit a set on the turn. In fact, when ever I'm tempted to chase for a set on the turn, I think of a quote from one of my poker references. "Trying to hit a set on the turn is called wishful poker. Frankly, to professional players it's called stupid poker". Yep, that advice fit this situation
    perfectly. Yep, I cold call all those raises again. Turn card was the 3h. It's obvious there are big pairs out and at least one player probably has a 9 in his hand. The third heart on the turn pretty much guarantees that now there is a flush out there as well. At this point the two remaining 7s are my only outs and even if I hit I lose if another player has 9s full. I tell myself that at this point the pot odds warrant a call to see the river. Then a miracle happens in Tunica. Mississippi. The river card is a 7. Well hello darlin'! Amazingly enough, my 7s full hold up and I take down a monster pot. [Remember boys and girls this man is a trained professional so don't try this at home]. From then on my good hands started winning and I hit a couple of nice draws. I made enough in this game to pay my travel expenses and book a $300 win for the trip. I'd hate to calculate what that came out to for all of the hours I played but I was thrilled not to leave stuck. Bottom line, the WPO is a good tournament but if you go, especially during the first week, be prepared for big crowds and long lines.

    PS - I talked to Theresa Sommerfield and she confirmed that she and Jimmy have moved to Florida and will be managing the poker room on a gambling boat out of Tarpon Springs. I believe she said the poker room will open in the middle of February. Jimmy will still run the Reno tournament and help out in some others but she said they have three daughters and he wanted to spend less time on the road.

    Irish Mike

    Link of the Day:
    More crappy children's art work
    The premise: I can draw better, spell better, and run faster than your kids. So being that my skills are obviously superior to those of children, I've taken the liberty to judge art work done by other kids on the internet. I'll be assigning a grade A through F for each piece.

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