Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mean Iggy is raising hell, wanting me to let him out of his box.

Vitriol and Bile is his middle name. And it _has_ been awhile since I allowed him to excoriate someone, after all.

But I prefer the high road these days. I'm more concerned about the community as a whole than any petty issues I may have.

But long-time readers know I love to flame. Sadly, I'm refraining, damnit.
Well, I did remove some links....

So go read GoBeRude.

For the record, Taylor, it's not even worth mentioning Felicia's poker acumen versus yours, considering you have none. Now go away.

Back soon with a regular little post.

Edit: Felicia posted.

CJ dismantled her in the comments, with an assist from GRob. Given, it's a ridiculously easy target, but still well done.
Lesson: The Up for Poker guys (and the collective poker bloggers) don't enjoy being shit on.

I suppose we were long overdue for a troll.

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