Monday, February 28, 2005

"When we play poker, we must realize, before anything else,
that we are out to make money."

David Sklansky, Theory of Poker

The bold text above is actually Sklansky's and not my doing.

Again, so much to blog about but instead of a Workplace-Destroying-Guinness-Fueled uber-post, I've got something much different. A way to hopefully help you make more money playing online poker. And something new for me to shill - woohoo!

I've hinted about an announcement several times in this here humble poker blog. And after much hard work, (I consider the process something akin to childbirth) we're ready to throw it out there.

When I started this poker blog, I constantly harped on tracking your online poker play. If you aren't using Poker Tracker or a StatKing, you simply aren't doing the basics.
It's that important. That easy.

HDouble & I started getting requests to write a PokerTracker how-to book. Let's face it - PokerTracker is not a program for superficial analysis. It requires some time under-the-hood, some heavy lifting and cold hard logic skills.

Who better to team up with than HDouble?
Answer: Nobody.

He has a giant juicy chess club brain, this is a well known fact. And despite being hairy as a Yeti, Hank has considerable analytical skills.

And now we have a 64 page tome, complete with screenshots that's passed peer review and is now endorsed by Pat, the author of this brilliant software. Pat freaking rules. Go buy Poker Tracker now if you haven't. Try out the free 1,000 hand demo, for heavens sakes. You'll love it.

And then check out our book:

Poker Tracker Guide

And so there it is. Hell, for the $20 bucks it costs, I'd personally pay more than that for HDouble's auto-rate players rules alone, included along with the book. That's gold, Jerry, Gold!

Quite frankly, Hank did all the heavy lifting - I'll freely admit he's a much brighter bulb than I. And hell, I couldn't think of a better guy to collaborate with.

Hank > Iggy

Please go hit The Cards Speak for Hank's perspectives on this sordid affair. His post is far better than mine.

It's always frightening to put yourself out there in the marketplace of ideas, especially over a goofy $20 poker ebook, but damn, this is good stuff. I wish someone had written this freaking book 3 years ago.

But it's written now. And according to serious Poker Tracker users, it's damn good.

And that means money in your pocket.
This book will help any poker player who wants to work on their game.

So bear with us. It's a work in progress. After all, we're primarily poker players, not authors. So have mercy - we're still struggling with the payment crap, and hell, we're only two guys.

I can only hope our readers find it worthwhile. Alot of hard work went into this.

For $20, it's a steal. I wanted to charge $120 and stipulate a Bonus Code IGGY signup, but Hank wouldn't let me.

A huge thanks to the folks who read drafts and offered valuable insight - advice. We are in your debt.

Whew, I can't believe I'm finally writing this post. I thought this day would never come. Thanks for reading and any support you may offer. We ain't gonna get rich writing something for such a specific niche audience, but we felt it was a worthwhile cause.

Bottom line, I hope this book helps your bankroll.

Check us out:
Poker Tracker Guide

Back soon....

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