Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."
Cherokee Saying, from Andi's web site

I hate February.

I'm not a big fan of getting maudlin. This is supposed to be a poker blog, damnit. And I hate to stray from poker, but sadly, some bad shit happening in my neck of the woods. I'll post some solid poker stuff, in a few, but I gotta try to write this.

I'm ill-equipped.

What is it about February and tragedy? Two short February's ago, after an exhaustive and emotional search, I located my birth family. Which completely blew up in my face, but that's a story for another time.

The following week after initial contact with my birthmom, four of my co-workers were driving to a clients office for a PR meeting. It was a very snowy morning, bad conditions. They ended up in a horrific accident, killing three of them instantly, while the driver, a close friend, miraculously survived. I still have the news photo of the mini-van:

I can honestly say that attending those three funerals on one day was prolly the most painful experience of my life. Still, to this day, when I walk to my car and snow is on the ground, I think of that accident. And the funerals. And my friend who lived. Every damn time. I often wonder when these thoughts will stop, if ever. Will I always associate snow and cars with death?

But this post is about Huggy Bear.

Huggy Bear has often been mentioned in my blog. We are old friends. Running mates for too long to recount, including our Vegas days. Anyway, he was the best man at my wedding, and vice-versa. Nuff said.

Three years ago, he met and married a young, brilliant, beautiful girl named Andi. They bought a big house on a hill, overlooking the Cincinnati skyline. Life was good.

But Andi became seriously ill and tragically passed away Friday evening.

For the first time ever, words fail me.

Send some positive mojo Huggy's way, if you could. And hug your wife/husband and kids today. Don't take anything for fucking granted.

I truly am sorry for this depressing post, but fuck it, it's my blog and my feelings today. Just ignore this post - I'll be back with poker soon - I need the distraction.

But in a few hours I'm going to walk through the snow to my car and attend a wake.

I fucking hate February.

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