Thursday, March 31, 2005

109 players participated. Thanks to everyone who did so - another fun night of Hammers and goofy chat. I'm not very good at tourney recaps so go visit Pauly, who is, and already has a fine writeup posted. I prolly shouldn't have gotten so damn drunk.

John Paul has a nice link list of bloggers who played.

After a hard fought battle, it was Pathetic Poker Play who ended up the champ. The bloggers remain undefeated. Well done, sir.

I really enjoy these damn tourneys. It's fun to get a chance to play with all these people I read on a regular basis. Plus, since I won the Monty Memorial last year, I feel zero pressure to do well, the WPBT leaderboard be damned. But I hit a lucky streak last evening and ended up finishing 4th.

Thanks again to everyone who played. Once my head clears, I'll be back with more poker goodness.....

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