Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"I won't go into the long sordid history of me and Party Poker, but let's just say Iggy was right about Party. (You got that, Iggy? You won't hear it again from me. Savor this moment, you bastard. Bonus Code IGGY!)

I'm still waiting patiently for a single signup this month.
I guess I'm gonna have to start blogging my ass off again.

It's a beautiful day here today.
NOW I see the benefits of pokering full-time.

Tonight is the night for the WPBT tourney.
Hurry and sign up.

Details: Tonight Wednesday, March 30th
$20 + $2 - No-Limit
Poker Stars - Private tournament tab
Password: thehammer

I have a ton of poker content in the que, but I'm gonna save it for prolly tomorrow. It's just too pretty today to spend it inside.

But here's a few random links to get you through your workday. Lord knows there's too many great posts out there right now. Pauly in Vegas, BG and AL debating which poker blogger would be eaten first if we were stranded on a desert island, CJ getting his two cents in ala bloggers meet Survivor, Bill Rini writing up some superb black comedy, FilmGeek back from the PPM cruise, DoubleAS winning a trip to Aruba, hells bells, I could go on and on. Do yourself a favor and surf around the blogs on the right, the next time you are sitting and folding on Party Poker.

But for now, I'm overdue in linking up the PokerProf's Poker Player newspaper. Ain't NOBODY got a better handle on the Las Vegas poker tournament scene than the crew over at Vegas Vegas. Check it out.

Here's a must visit for you - excellent Phil Helmuth parody videos.
Worth the download - this was really well done.
Bill Fillmaff's Secret System
You're Playing Poker. He's Playing Poker Right.

This is kinda bizarre but funny.
The misguided fools in the marketing department over at Warner Brothers have an interactive Texas Hold Em game on their site, promoting the new movie Miss Congeniality 2. Hoist of the Guinness to Joaquin for the link.
Go play some poker with William Shatner:
Miss Congeniality 2 Poker

The Den Mother of our little poker blogging scene, Maudie, has set up a WPBT store over at Cafe Press. Do her a big favor and check out her cool offerings. And then buy something, damnit.
WPBT Poker Store

And last but not least, I was ASTOUNDED to see that Terri Schiavo is blogging!
Simply amazing. The comments are touching.
Terri Schiavo blog

Hope to see everyone in the tournament tonight!

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