Thursday, April 21, 2005

10 pm update.
Damn you, blogger. Was all set to uber it up and you failed me.

Leaving on a poker road trip. I'll be back Sunday night and will see ya'll in the tourney. Good luck to everyone and thanks for playing.

In case you didn't see, Otis at UpForPoker has an FAQ up about the impending WSOP satellite on Sunday.

I'm also very close to announcing our next WSOP tourney - for both readers AND bloggers. This will be an official WPBT event, of course. Stay tuned.

I wasn't especially taken with the 60 Minutes piece on poker. Twas pretty much all fluff, but hell, showing poker in a positive light on TV is always +EV.

Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot update: $494,000.
I'm on my way....


MattInNC has hit the Progessive Bad Beat Jackpot and won $173655.36.
willow224 won the hand and received $86827.68. kurtis, rusty1028, Time_Release, mtpockets99, khaithedog, Sal25, Coachrfc played in the hand and received $12403.95 each.

The next Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot has been reset to $99231.66.

Damnit. :)

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