Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Alrighty then, we have 48 players signed up. It's a done deal.
Can you say poker bloggers in the WSOP?
I can.

And because I had many readers imploring me to allow them to play (to no avail) - I am fooling around with the idea to run ANOTHER WSOP satellite for all of us, bloggers AND readers. Why? Because without our readers, what fun would blogging be? And frankly, I think this could be the largest tourney we've ever put on. And that's a good thing.

Details forthcoming if I can make this a reality. This one WILL qualify for the WPBT tournament leader board.

I figure for a $30 tourney:

50 players = 1 seat
100 players = 2 seats
150 players = 3 seats

150 players should/could be attainable, imho.

I'm looking at the first week of May, if I can pull this off.

I really owe you an uber-post so expect one soon. I've simply been too busy playing. It's often a tough call - to play or to blog - and the games have just been too good to ignore lately.

Case in point: The Bad Beat Jackpot on Party Poker is at $410,000 right now, the largest I've seen in quite a while. Take a shot while you can!

Guess what I'm doing right now?

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back very soon. And don't forget about Chris Moneymaker on 60 Minutes tonite!

Random photo of the day:

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