Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The countdown is on.

9pm EST tonite.

Another blogger or two (or perhaps a reader?) will be attending the WSOP in our name.
And hopefully, poker infamy.

And our blogger gathering is growing close. 3 weeks and counting.

CJ and AL have made an announcement pertaining to an after WBPT tourney Bash. Damn, look at the list of all the bloggers attending this sordid event. FYI: I have not bought tickets yet. I am also quite sure I will miss any tournament that begins at 10 AM. I wonder if I can find a punctual dwarf for this one?

Hopefully we'll hit 100 players and give two seats away tonite.
Sign up now. It's gonna be fun, per always.

WPBT WSOP Satellite Tournament
Noble Poker
Wednesday, May 11th, 9PM EST
$30 +3
Password: dahammer

$500 Deposit Bonus on Noble Poker!

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