Friday, May 06, 2005

Hey now - quick post here.

Doctor Pauly and SnailTrax will be here tommorrow morning. I'll be enjoying some cold beers with them at the Reds game before they depart for the Trey show. Now I've got two days to try and throw a game together on Sunday for my esteemed guests. Shouldn't be too tough despite Sunday being Mothers Day. Mebbe we'll do a SNG with a NL cash game afterwards.

Sidenote: Belated thanks to Wil for the linkage. It's always humbling to get called the GodFather from Real Bloggerati such as he. The traffic doesn't suck, either. But more importantly, Wil is blogging about poker again, which is always good.

Tourney reminder! Hurry and sign up!
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Tournament limited to the first 150 players who sign up.
If we hit 150 players: that's THREE WSOP seats we will be giving away.

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One WSOP seat given away for every 50 players.

As extra incentive to sign up with this harried blogger, Noble is offering a 100% deposit bonus up to $500 with my links. It's usually only $300, but because they humped my leg so hard, they decided to make a special offer and allow my readers to get an extra bounty on their deposit.

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Bleh, I know most folks already have an account there but for those of you who don't, please consider using my links. And my humble apologies for anyone I put off with my shilling.

End Groveling.

Err wait - I've gone this far . . .let's post a damn banner.

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