Monday, May 23, 2005

Let's pimp some new (and not so new) blogs, shall we?

Obie's VIP Poker Blog
I'm ashamed I haven't linked Obie up before. I've played with him in WPBT events and he's been blogging for awhile. Inexcusable on my part.

Hayduke's Hold'em
An eclectic mix of musings concerning poker, rock climbing, literature, rocket science, and whiskey.

Boogster's Poker Blog
A daily journal in the life of a full-time IT guru and part time poker player.

The Esoteric Lunch

Can I Rebuy
The purpose of this is to document my poker thoughts, ideas and bankroll...mostly so my mom will stop worrying.

Drowned at the River
Pii on Poker, and other musingsā€¦

Buffalo Hold 'Em
Our new motto is: More Gravy!

Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear
Poker Information, Thoughts, and Contemplation for the common man. How to get better at the game on limited bandwidth, attention span, and cerebral capacity.

Poker Wolf
It's all in the paws.

PokerDiagram Poker Podcast
Recording the adventures of two podcast poker pioneers, or bandwagon-jumpers, as they struggle against their speech defects and general ineptitude to become internet broadcasters.

Part Time Poker

Camp Happy

Confessions of an amateur poker player

Long overdue to pimp her.
aK(a): asia K
and there you go.

thebabykicker Kicks Babies
thebabykicker offers his strategy for playing microlimit sitngo tournaments.

Don't forget about Pauly's freeroll tommorrow nite!

NL $200 Pauly Poker Freeroll
Noble Poker
Tuesday, May 24th at 9pm EST
NL $200 Pauly Poker Freeroll
Password: Hit Pauly's site for the details

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