Monday, May 09, 2005

My oh my.

Sleep-deprived but alive, I just got home from the whirlwind weekend appearance of Dr. Pauly and SnailTrax to our fair city. What a fucking blast. I'm just lucky that Trey was playing here and I had the opportunity to hang with these two legendary guys.

I'll be back with a short recap once I regain my bearings.

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Stop procrastinating!

Tournament limited to the first 150 players who sign up.
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WPBT WSOP Satellite Tournament
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One WSOP seat given away for every 50 players.

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Bleh, I know most folks already have an account there but for those of you who don't, please consider using my links. And my humble apologies for anyone I put off with my shilling.

End Groveling.

Err wait - I've gone this far . . .let's post a damn banner.

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