Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Statistics are like bikinis; they show a lot, but not everything."
Lou Piniella

Quick post even though there is much to blog about.

I can't believe we lucked out and got four legit bloggers into the damn WSOP.
It feels really good - something tangible and worthwhile after writing post after post into the Ether. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

Two weeks till Vegas...

I'm experiencing a horrific month at the tables. Tibetan buddhism distinguishes 18 varieties of void, but my play this past week surely constitutes yet another.

My old friend and home game original, Mr. Fabulous, wrote up a great post called I am poker’s bitch in his new blog. It's a must-read.

It's fairly evident that I'm a Paul Phillips fan. I wore black for weeks after he left RGP.

So after watching the NBC Heads Up Championship this past Sunday and seeing Antonio Esfandiari pitch an All-In magazine article he wrote, I went and read it. And laughed and laughed and laughed. Something about the Magician always rubbed me the wrong way and this article just confirmed things.

And so it was with much joy that I saw Paul apply a light smackdown on Antonio in his blog and enjoyed the comments. Ah, Paul, you still rule.

My fave:


As unbelievably horrifying as that All-In article was, and as horribly pathetic as his website currently is, the fact that he actually quoted from a song by Crowded House, and MEANT IT, is something that I will never, ever, ever let him live down. He is forever tainted in my mind. One can only hope that the madness ends for him quickly so we can be spared from any more lyrics from bands that absolutely sucked beyond belief.

As they say, what a jopke.

Antonio Esfandiari Home Page

There is a bigass RGP thread about Jerrod Ankenman blogging about 'team play' in online poker. Interesting thread, as it is, but I'll refrain from my two cents and just encourage you to read it yourself.
Jerrod Ankenman Poker Blog

RGP Thread

Addendum: I just noticed that Paul weighed in, as well. Excellent.
"the team"

I'm trying to summon the strength for an uber-post. Perhaps tonight.

Whoa, I just noticed that my favorite poker blog, Linda over at PokerWorks, has her new site up.

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