Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Whew, I'm almost recovered from an amazing weekend with the poker bloggers in Las Vegas. How amazing was it? Hell, I'm ready to fly back to Vegas this weekend, damnit.

So I'm sitting here pondering ways to blog the experience and realizing I'm ill-equipped.
And rarely do words fail me.

I thought this snippet from Joe summed things up pretty well:


Back to meeting the bloggers. After the many months of reading these exceptionally talented people, you get an idea that you already DO know them. Be difficult to fake anything other than a genuine persona over such an extended period of time. But you never know. So I didn't want to pigeon-hole people into roles based on their output. I just wanted to let it be.

The good news is that any expectations I could have conjured would have been surpassed by the experience. It was an honor to shake hands with you all. It was a pleasure to knock back a drink--or two-dozen--with some of my blogger heroes. It was awesome to raise your big blind. Enlightening to hear your thoughts on the game.

As I said to Iggy, it's amazing that such a diverse group of people could come together from all over and not have a single fucking asshole among them.




There was a certain point in the tequila bar where I just sat there, a goofy grin on my face, watching everyone. I couldn't haven't imagined such a great time and great people. As Maudie said, we were like kids on Christmas morning. I've always said that poker bloggers are brighter (and cooler, by proxy) than your average bear and this weekend proved that axiom out. Again, it's too difficult for me to blog about something as nebulous as camaraderie, but that's what it's all about.

A heartfelt thanks to Pauly, CJ and Al for the original idea, tournament, and festivities.
You guys made it all happen.

And, of course, thanks to everyone who showed.
Hope you had as much fun as I did.

As an added bonus, no one made fun of my having to sit on phone books at the poker table. And plenty of bloggers happily gave me a boost into bar chairs. Sadly, no one would carry me around in a backpack, though. I suppose you have to draw the line somewhere, especially with drunken dwarves.

And so, for my edification and yours, I'm gonna link up all the bloggers who are writing trip reports. You may need to scroll down on some of these blogs because they're already on Part 2 or 3 (example - make sure to scroll and read Boy Genius's first post about Pete Rose). Priceless. Let me know if I forgot anyone!

In no particular order:

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