Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's been over 8 months since I typed this Native American Indian proverb in my blog, one cold, grey morning.

"Today is a good day to die."

And so I had quit the comforts of a great job.
With great pay. Great people. Great benefits.

Only downside: I had to wear pants.

Now I wonder if I'm even capable of holding a fucking job. This 'poker pro' lifestyle has some serious perks -- like sleeping whenever the hell you want. Taking spontaneous road trips. And most importantly, drinking with impunity.

Why does this 'job' thingy keep nagging at me? Why can't I just accept what I'm doing and get on with it? Argggg.

It's with much fear and trepidation that I'm contemplating working again, perhaps as early as Monday. My addled dreams of someone actually paying me to blog are but distant memories. I guess I can't blame the powers that be - if I was a VP of Marketing and came to this garish blog, I'd recoil in horror, too.

Water under the bridge, as they say.

But I digress.

I've played poker for a long time. And had zero aspirations to ever play for a living.
But then came the Holy Trinity of Poker. Moneymaker. McManus. The WPT.

And Party Poker. Checking my archives, there were 18,000 people playing there in early October, 2003. The cultural juggernaut had begun. And this here silly blog pretty much documented it all, for better or worse.

But I had paid my dues. Studied.
Done the due diligence.

Studied again. And then some more. I didnt go into this unaware, like some folks you read about. I did my stint in Vegas over a decade ago. I've had a track record of beating the game for years. I was using PokerTracker the week it came out. And I've been successful, still growing my bankroll and not being forced to subsist on Ramen.

It's been an incredible journey, all in all.

It's funny, though, isn't it? Poker just seems so easy. It's just cards.

But most folks, especially the newer players, who try this pro poker thing are soon forced to confront the failure of an expedition for which they had set out remarkably ill-equipped, like a couple of Artic travelers who through lack of preparation find themselves stranded and forced to eat their dogs.

Me? I'm just sometimes wondering why I made the journey in the first place.
I suppose I just wanted to try it. See if it fit.

Do I really wanna be clicking and folding for the next 5, 10 years?

I may need to go buy some pants.

Moving along, and finally getting to the point of this long-winded, banal post, I think it's time to pimp some of these new blogs I discovered. I'm gonna clean up my blogroll in a day or two, as well.

First and foremost, I'm excited to announce MrsAlCanHang officially joining the ranks of bloggers. Add her to your blogroll, folks, it's a must read. Now we gotta lean on Mrs. Blood, Mrs. Otis and Mrs. Head to begin theirs.

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