Friday, June 10, 2005

Sigh. At this time last week, I was sitting in the Excalibur with all the bloggers.
Seems like a lifetime ago.

Looks like a bunch of fine new posts about our invasion of Las Vegas.

In no particular order:

Otis, GRob and CJ - Up for Poker *
Maudie - Poker Perspectives *
Boy Genius - Gambling Blues
Chris Halverson *
Human Head *
Drizz - Nickle and Dimes
Chad - Pokeramarama
BadBlood on Poker
Tao of Poker **
Gracie - SheVerb **
AlCanHang - Dead Money
Bobby Bracelet - One Too Many
HDouble - Cards Speak *
Poker Grub *
Bill Rini *
Fool and His Money
Marty - JMC Automatic
The Fat Guy
Poker Geek
Mr. Subliminal
Poker Nerd
April - This is not a poker blog *
April - Feeding the Addiction
Sideways Poker
Hel1xx - STFU *
Playing Poker & Teaching Science
Sound of a Suckout
John-Paul *
Geek and Proud *
tp's poker talk
Poker in the Weeds
Royal Poker
The Obituarium
My Little Poker Blog
Beer City Poker *
Hella Hold'em *
Res Ipsa Poker
a moment with
Poker Princess
The Tsunami Hitchhiker
Mike's Poker Blog
Obie's VIP
The Big Pirate
Catching the Antichrist
Franklin *

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