Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Whew, another long night. But I feel great, the sun is just coming up and I've got Scofield rocking on the box.

I got in an absurd amount of hands, just grinding it out, although I did deviate and sit at some of the bigger NL buyin games, for chuckles and grins. There are truly some crazy gambling bastards out there. I'm sincerely surprised by the sheer amount of players who are willing to gamble their entire stack with flush draws. This isn't NL tournament poker, after all, but I lost count of how many times I witnessed this move.

I'll admit to a touch of burnout per grinding at limit poker. So I've been digging through DoubleAs's NL posts while folding on Party Poker. It's been alot of fun watching his poker journey, especially now that he's sitting at the $10/25 NL tables. I think we all wish he posted more. In fact, his post about bankroll and how/what to do with it (and stomaching swings), was something near and dear to my heart, and led to some fascinating discussions with Grubby in Vegas about said topic.

Speaking of which, I noticed a buncha new Vegas trip reports up, so here you go:

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