Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"The community of poker bloggers is only a few years old, but already they've stolen the spotlight with live World Series of Poker coverage, sold out to bigger publications, and even run an online charity poker tournament."
Mark Glaser

Navel gazing & ego-stroking ahead. You've been warned.

Last week, I received an email from a highly respected scholar of the blogging - online journalism/ethicist scene asking for an interview. The freaking Online Journalism Review at the Walter Annenberg School of Journalism at USC, nonetheless.

Yikes! And I said "of course" even though it made me slightly uncomfortable to do so. Hell, I've never even been asked to appear on the Lord Admiral show.

And so hopefully I won't look like too much of an idiot. As I've said before, I'm pretty much an open book outside of this blog. I'm a chatty little bitch, in fact.

But it's difficult to explain to an "outsider" about the poker blogging world. Hard to quantify it all. I could never call myself the BlogFather in the Real World - I mean, how silly does that sound?

But damn, Mark Glaser at the Online Journalism Review wrote up one nifty little piece, pimping myself, Pauly, Otis and the Poker Prof.

Must read:
* Gonzo poker bloggers bring World Series to life in real time.

Also, a big thanks to Toby for listing me as the #1 poker blog over at About.com
Top 10 Poker Blogs

I was surprised that Bill, one of my personal favorite bloggers, would blog his top ten poker blogs, but he did. Even I'm not that brave.
Cutting Back

But let's not forget that little article I wrote for Poker Savvy about poker blogs, way back in January of 2004.
Poker Blog Roundup

And we can't forget that the Poker Prof put me into the blogging Hall of Fame.

"Party Poker Blogs (Guinness and Poker) - Iggy was one of the first poker bloggers and he is instrumental in the community. The terms Blogfather and Uberpost refer to only one site and one blogger, Party Poker Blogs and Iggy."

Hdouble wrote an excellent piece entitled The Viral Phenomenon of Poker Blogs which appeared in the premiere issue of ALL IN Magazine. Thankfully, he mentioned this humble poker blog.

Yeesh, did I miss anything?

Again, sorry for the self-aggrandizement today. I'll make it up to you ASAP.

But for now, have you seen the Party Poker badbeat jackpot is at 250k?? I bumped into Grubby last nite while I was 4 tabling.

And guess who is #1 on the monthly Party Poker tournament leader board?
That's right: Fast Eddie.

Guess who just messaged me asking to go to the Boat with me today?
That's right: Fast Eddie.

Stay tuned.

For now, here's the best letter ever written to the airlines:

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