Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lots of inane insinuations on RGP about shenanigans going on at the WSOP. I'm surprised that the WSOP tournament director even took time to address it.


WSOP unofficial vs official numbers, and why NO ONE STOLE ANY MONEY
Sent: Jul 10 2005 7:14 AM
Author: JGroomsTD

Hello all,
As you can imagine, I have been a bit preoccupied with work, and could not post
as often as i would have liked. I feel that this subject is EXTREMELY important
to address, as my integrity is at stake. Before I go any further, let me say
that questioning my integrity and honesty is worse than spitting in my face. If
you want to do it, do it to me in person, not on a post. Just like the
situaions Mac the Cooler flamed me on, why not ask me in person before you
accuse me or Harrah's of stealing the money.

First, our confirmed number of assigned seats at the end of the first level on
Day 1A was 5,661.

When I leaked that number, I told several people(including jon) that that number
was the Maximum number of entries we could account for . We had 1 death between
registration and play, 5 documented medical emergencies that were granted a
refund, and 32 players over the first 3 days of play that did not show up to
play their stacks. we also had 4 players assigned 2 different starting days.

Of those players who did not show up to play, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY DID NOT
SHOW. Underage qualifiers were a majority is my assumption.

Releasing the payout information before Day 3 would have been an absolutely
moronic thing to do. What happens if a medical emergency comes up in between
days 1 and 3? What happpens if a player dies?

I will not release a prize pool count until I am absolutely certain the number
is right . I have made that mistake before, and it is really embarrasing, and
pisses th players off to no end. Also, in this event, the world is watching, so
every mistake is magnified.

Check the chip count. When chip counts are released for 27, add up the number
of missed blinds from our no shows for about 3 hrs of player per player. Then
include starting chips. allow for a slight increase due to chip races..(Note
that a slight increase over a 180 table race off on day 1, and a 50 table race
off on day 3 might be more than 1 full entry worth of chips).

In the end, the chip counts will be there, and the conspiracy theorists will be
silenced. Also, as on poster suggested, go back and count the chips in a rebuy
event. That's the easiest place to screw with the money and numbers. You'll
see why there's no issue. They are on the money.

I and my staff are not perfect by any means. We work hard, and judging player's
opinions is what matters to me. By and large we have received a very positive
response from the players on our performance in this tournament.

I am sorry people feel the nned to compare me to others that have had a slightly
less than respectable image. But I dont give a *************** what everybody
else did. I do it right. I dont lie, cheat, or steal. I resent the insinuation
that I did. If you have an issue, step up. I will respond to any and all
posts. Until you do, consider this laid to rest.

John Grooms

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