Sunday, July 10, 2005

Someone asked me today how I was "outed" as a dwarf or Little Person. I suppose I'll repost that epic nugget of info right now and start an uber-post.

I can't help the way God made me!

here's the chat:

fpb = fellow poker blogger

iggy: i have something serious to tell you
fpb: the borgata serves free top shelf liquor in real glasses
fpb: all will be good
fpb: okay mr. iggy, tell me
iggy: i am a dwarf
iggy: did you know that
iggy: ?
fpb: yeah me too
iggy: i can drink alot for a dwarf tho
iggy: im serious
iggy: what the fuck is wrong with you
iggy: i hope you are kidding
fpb: that's fine with me...I certainly don't mind
iggy: ok
iggy: just dont want you to act weird around me
fpb: I act weird around everyone lol
iggy: well
iggy: i know everyone will be VERY surprised so i HAD to tell someone
fpb: alright man. take it easy
fpb: not that it matters, because it truly does not to me, but are you being serious or just fucking around with me?
iggy: hrm
iggy: it sounds like it DOES matter
iggy: i'm getting offended, i'm not from the zoo or anything
fpb: alright man. take it easy - it's cool dont worry
fpb: it doesn't matter to me
iggy: its ok
iggy: im used to it
fpb: um. it really doesn't i was just curious because you've never mentioned it before
iggy: i am a little person
iggy: big deal
fpb: it's fine
fpb: honestly
iggy: i dont mind flying - i fit in the airplane seats better than most people
iggy: i just wanted to warn you
iggy: dats all
fpb: hey no prob man
iggy: shrug - anyway, if you could -
iggy: sometimes i like a boost into a chair at the bar. the chairs can be pretty tall.
iggy: and i dont like sitting in peoples laps
iggy: people take pictures and shit
iggy: that sucks
fpb: don't worry. I promise you won't have to sit in my lap
iggy: k
iggy: ty - i don't mind sitting in girls laps tho. just not guys. that's queer.
fpb: i'm a fat guy so don't sweat it - we've all got our imperfections
iggy: lol true
iggy: maybe you could carry me around in case i get tired?
fpb: you got it
iggy: k ty
iggy: i might take you up on that
fpb: i'll be glad to oblige
fpb: alright man, i have to get to bed...work tomorrow and such.
iggy: ok
fpb: i am looking forward to meeting up with you next weekend.
iggy: same here
iggy: bring a backpack
iggy: to borgata
iggy: to carry me around in
fpb: LOL now cmon iggy.

Bill wants to call this bluff

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