Monday, July 18, 2005

Wil Wheaton: did you hear about the Phil Hellmuth car?
Wil Wheaton: it doesn't come with a key . . . you just kick the door to get in

Good one.
For the record, Wil was down to 450 in chips before roaring back and finishing in the top 25.

Al's pocket queens got boated by The Hammer.
Here's his screenshot if you want a chuckle.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Charlie Tuttle tourney last evening. 144 players. I must say, it was pretty damn cool to see Charlie's dad in the chat.

I've received two emails thus far about the ESPN WSOP DVD's I'm giving away to the final five finishers. Please email me if you made the top six, as Maudie already has a DVD.

This is my 410th post. I'd be willing to wager that I'm over a million words on this here humble poker blog. Pretty amazing if you think about it.

Amazingly retarded, that is.

I was all set to write a State of the Blog address but I think I need to wait until I have some Guinness in my belly.

Also, I need to do an uberpost to unload this massive content I have stored up, but frankly, I'm off the boat again. That's right, I've caught the live poker bug and it's a wonderful itch to scratch. And the interesting thing is I'm playing exclusively NL poker there. The 10.20 - 20.40 is inhabited mainly by grumpy rocky old men while most of the gambloors are sitting No-Limit. Guess who I prefer playing with?

It's only a $400 max, 2/5 blinds, but it's still very common to see a player stacked up 2-3k. And because this is so dramatically different from grinding I'm truly enjoying it. Losing two grand on the turn of a single card is a wonderful new poker lesson for me to absorb.

More importantly, learning who the regulars are is invaluable.

And so there it is. I've found my new office.

I'm hopefully gathering material for a future book, but even if not, I'm finally enjoying myself. I've had a lot on my psyche lately. And more is coming. Perhaps I'll blog about this once I get the phone call I've been waiting three years for.

I also want to thank the few people who stepped up and tried to help me with ideas for improving this blog. Truly appreciated.

And for now, I'm going to do something completely different. I know several prominent poker bloggers have a thing for Ms. Katie Holmes. And so, I feel it my duty to do my first ever celebrity blog post about this cute girl and an insane Tom Cruise.

I just read the feature article on Slate about L. Ron Hubbard, which is what spurred this segue post.
L. Ron Hubbard
Scientology's esteemed founder.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Scientology is located within this awesome site. Thanks to Whiskey for the reminder.
Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

And then there's this bizarre interview with Katie in W.
Katie Holmes

So now that you've read the above - check out this smart piece in Salon entitled:
Holy fem-bot, Batman!
Katie Holmes is turning into a zombie in front of our eyes. Pass the popcorn.

I loved this blog. Very clever.
Tom Cruise MD

And hell, I've already linked to Tom Cruise is Nuts, but to be complete, I'm reposting it here.

Last but not least, there's been a lot of speculation about how in on this Holmes has been. Tom Cruise's contract with Katie Holmes promises the young starlet five million dollars if she keeps up the routine for five years. Lucky for her, there's a clause to guarantee no unnecessary sex.

Before and now. A historical perspective.

Link of the Day:
John Kerry is Very Swift
I hope that some Americans will rethink their opinion of Sen. John Kerry after reading him get a Nigerian scam artist so frustrated he declares "the holy ghost has spoken to me to desist from you."

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