Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Damnit, I decided to start an uber-post instead of playing tonight.
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For the love of God, someone help me out here. Support a sponsor and I'll pound out the Destroying Workplace Productivity posts for you like clockwork. I'll make this next one a monster, I promise. Again, consider that writing these up cost me (at the very least) an entire evening of poker.

./ end groveling

Some cool news here: I just found out from Chris Halverson that a new poker book, The Poker Aficionado by Peter Thomas Fornatale, featured several poker blogs in a "Best of the Poker Blogs" section.

Here's what was said, in the order they are listed in the book.

Guinness and Poker: Headquarters for poker news on the web

Dubbed "The Blogfather" by his peers, Iggy offers links to to daily poker
news articles, notable tidbits from assorted poker message boards and
highlights from recent poker blog updates, brought to you with his unique
wit and wisdom (and a six-pack of Guinness).

The Cards Speak: The thinking person's poker blog

Known for his thoughtful posts on poker theory, author HDouble chronicles
the psychological and personal aspects of a developing poker player.

Lion Tales: A tournament professional's quest for world poker stardom

Lion Tales offers insight into the world of high stakes tournament poker,
chronicling one man's quest to make it to the final table on the World Poker

Poker Grub: A professional gambler's tales of earning bread at the poker table

Playwright and gambler Grubby offers humorous tales of making a living as a
poker player in Las Vegas.

Poker Works: Bellagio dealer offers a view from the other side of the table

One of the original poker bloggers, Linda offers readers a rare glimpse into
the highest limit poker games on the planet from the dealer's perspective.

Up For Poker: A journalist, news anchor and low-limit guru talk poker

Up for Poker's three contributors bring a little bit of everything to the
table. Main-man Otis brings a background in journalism, and his superb
writing covers topics from illegal home games in Missouri garages to the way
that fatherhood has affected his poker game.

Chris Halverson: An up and coming poker players describes the low limit grind

Known for his obsession with collecting free money from online poker bonuses,
Chris dissects the low-limit games with his analytical mind.

Doubleas: Inside the mind of a great no-limit player

DoubleAs rigorously breaks down his thinking during difficult hands in
medium-stakes no limit games. His explanation of the decision making process
at the table is both entertaining and instructive.


Pretty damn cool, eh?


Moving along, back when I was working for the ad agency, a colleague of mine sent this following snippet out every year on today's date.

And so now, gentle reader, I share it with you.
Heed these wise words.


One Year Anniversary

I see her every now and then. I often wonder how things would be if I was still on the first floor. Would she still say hi? Would we be friends?

What I think about most when I see her, though, are the words she so forcefully uttered lecturing a colleague one year ago tommorrow. Some of you know these words. For those who don't, you will learn them.

For many of us, what she said that night represents the joy, pain, sorrow, laughter and happiness of not only this past year, but many years to come. It represents how we see ourselves, the lives we lead and the work we do. And yet, we don't even know her name.

I couldn't let this week pass without honoring one of the most profound statements ever made in the halls of this office building. Without further ado, I give you the quote that will live with me, and possibly all of us, for the remainder of our lives.

Without pause nor regret she said:

"I do my goddamn work. May not be the best of work, but I do it."
The First Floor Cleaning Lady
Century Office Building
August 23, 1996
7:21 p.m.

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