Monday, August 22, 2005

"It's hard for me to explain to others how special this weekend was to me. Most people don't get it."
this is not a poker blog

"Living up to expectations is virtually impossible. When meeting a new group of people, for instance, there is always a jackass that spoils the perfect idea you have in your head. The problem with a pedestal is the fall that comes when someone (or everyone) you meet inevitably disappoints. Never in my life has such a lofty opinion been re-affirmed and added on to.

Until this weekend."


I never know what to say upon returning from a blogger get together, because I'm usually sad to be home, and secondly; I'm painfully aware that any words I write to express how much fun it was are woefully inadequate.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It was an honor to celebrate Otis with his friends and family, that's really all I can say. To reiterate, I'm insanely jealous of the poker contingent down there in G-Vegas.

Bradoween V.

I need to make a few shout-outs here.
Thank you, Otis and the entire Up For Poker crew, for allowing us to share the experience. Mr. and Mrs. Blood for allowing us deviants into your home - it was above and beyond. Matty over at Snailtrax for making the trek down south with me. I couldn't have asked for a more entertaining navigator.

Quick recaplet. Lame but there's too many stories to tell. Others will tell them better - go hit the blogs below.

Thursday night. SnailTrax and I get obliterated at the boat and somehow don't get 86'd. Matty is warned by security at one point, however. I book a $1200 win and Matty won a few hundred despite being tortured by pocket queens. Walking to the hotel in a massive thunderstorm. Guinness. Bedtime: 6AM.

Friday: Long drive. Meeting new bloggers for the first time! Seeing friends from past get togethers. Maudie! Tournament at Bloods. Drinking in Downtown Greensville. Prop bets. Ranch dressing. Horse game back at Casa da Blood. Drinking & smoking on the porch. Bedtime: 6AM.

Saturday: Bradoween. BBQ. Best home-game tournament ever. 40+ players. Danced with DoubleAs one too many times and finish 14th. Predict he will win. Dr. Pauly emerges the Champ, the Big Pirate a close second. Drinking. Drinking. Drinking. The AlCanHang Experience Booth. Laughing hard and often. Drunken Olympics. GRob exhorting the troops. Lefty beating BigMike in an eating contest. I choke in the final event as the anchor man, becoming the Bill Buckner of this years competition. Wet t-shirt contest. Pimp Shep. Tree climbing. Drinking. Drinking. Drinking. Watching the girls film The View. Late nite cash game. Otis playing guitar. Daddy singing The Pooch Song. Otis noodling away. Drunken bliss. Sun rising. Cab ride to Waffle House, beers at the table. T-Bone steaks. Bedtime: 9AM.

Sunday: Getting my ass kicked by the Mini-Bloods in poker was a perfect way to end the weekend.

On the drive home, Matty reminded me of the real return on investment from our poker blogs. The friendships.

And the trip reports have begun! Woohoo!
I'll add to this list as folks recover and post so check back.

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