Sunday, September 04, 2005

"Judged by the dollars spent, gambling is now more popular in America than baseball, the movies, and Disneyland combined."
Timothy O'Brien

I was all set to announce a WPBT tournament for all the bloggers and readers before Katrina hit. I mean, we're long overdue for one. But playing in the charity events at Full Tilt and PokerStars are making it happen. Had a great time friday evening playing with lots of bloggers and we even commandeered a mini-stakes NL game on Stars later in the evening. Fun times.

So again, tonight - there's another tournament on Full Tilt Poker. Here's the skinny:


We want to thank everyone for helping us make our Friday night Hurricane Relief Tournament such a success.

Still, considering the overwhelming scope of this tragedy and the continued horrors being faced by residents of the Gulf Coast, we believe there's more we can do to help. Therefore, we're asking you to take some time out of your holiday weekend to help us raise even more money to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina by playing in our next special charity tournament at 9:15PM ET on Sunday, September 4th.

Once again, registration for this tournament will be $20 + a $10 donation to the American Red Cross' Hurricane 2005 Relief fund. Full Tilt Poker will again match 100% of each donation, meaning that for every person who plays, we'll send $20 to assist the victims of this devastating storm.

Thank you again for your support of this worthwhile cause. We look forward to seeing you at the table.


I'm 98% sure I'll be playing - hope the bloggers turn out again.

Anyone else notice that the bad beat jackpot on Party Poker is at $240,000 right now? I four-tabled some 2.4 for the fun of it - I'd forgotten how poorly some folks play there.

Few other random tidbits: rumours are flying about Party Poker potentially buying Empire Poker. Here's a Reuters article about it:
Online gaming services firm Empire in bid talks

I'm sure many of you already saw that Jennifer Tilly won another poker tournament.

Check out this guy doing a Rubik's Cube... under 30 seconds... with one hand... he's not human.

Let's post some strange random pictures and leave you with some online poker chat between Mike Matusow and Spirit Rock (Prahlad "Pragress" Friedman).


Subject: FTP: Mike Matusow vs Spirit Rock (Prahlad "Pragress" Friedman)...
Needling to the MAX

FullTiltPoker Game #204430016: Table Gardenia - $50/$100 - No Limit
Hold'em - 1:58:31 ET - 2005/09/02
Seat 5: Spirit Rock ($26,811.50)
Seat 6: Mike Matusow ($16,146.50)
Mike Matusow posts the small blind of $50
Spirit Rock posts the big blind of $100
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Mike Matusow raises to $300
Spirit Rock calls $200
*** FLOP *** [Tc 4h 5s]
Spirit Rock checks
Mike Matusow bets $600
Spirit Rock raises to $2,400
Mike Matusow calls $1,800
*** TURN *** [Tc 4h 5s] [3d]
Spirit Rock bets $3,000
Mike Matusow calls $3,000
*** RIVER *** [Tc 4h 5s 3d] [5c]
elitekilr (Observer): oh man big pot here
Spirit Rock bets $21,111.50, and is all in
Mike Matusow has 15 seconds left to act
Mike Matusow calls $10,446.50, and is all in
Uncalled bet of $10,665 returned to Spirit Rock
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Spirit Rock shows [6s Qd] (a pair of Fives)
Mike Matusow shows [Qs Ah] (a pair of Fives)
Mike Matusow wins the pot ($32,292.50) with a pair of Fives
Mikeh77 (Observer): YES
The_Trench (Observer): LOL
chipdynamite (Observer): LOL
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $32,293 | Rake $0.50
Board: [Tc 4h 5s 3d 5c]
Seat 5: Spirit Rock (big blind) showed [6s Qd] and lost with a pair of Fives
Seat 6: Mike Matusow (small blind) showed [Qs Ah] and won ($32,292.50) with a pair of Fives
Mike Matusow: kiddy games down the fking street
Spirit Rock: you are such an ahol
Mike Matusow: already know that
Spirit Rock: just take the pot nice call
Spirit Rock: no need to needle
Spirit Rock: you fking jerk
Spirit Rock: dont ever speak to me again
Spirit Rock: cant just take the pot
Mike Matusow: hey when i went broke u started needling
Spirit Rock: gotta needle after 32k pot
Mike Matusow: u said i suck come oon coomeo
Mike Matusow: so i came
Spirit Rock: seriously dont even come up to me
Spirit Rock: if you see me in person
Spirit Rock: dont come near me
Spirit Rock: call everytime you gonna win sometimes
Mike Matusow: p that was the easest call ever
Spirit Rock: you gonna need a lot of luck
Spirit Rock: to beat me
Dealer: Mike Matusow mucks
into 5k then all in on river on pure bluff
Spirit Rock: you right
Spirit Rock: very easy call
Dealer: Spirit Rock wins the pot ($200)
Mike Matusow: it was
Spirit Rock: if that was a easy call
Spirit Rock: you must be back on drugs
Mike Matusow: n aim just that good sir
Spirit Rock: yeah ive been noticing you been playing real well lately
Dealer: Mike Matusow raises to $300
Spirit Rock: LOL
Spirit Rock: actually worst ive ever seen you play recently
Spirit Rock: but you just in slump
Spirit Rock: i mean you are playing terrible
Spirit Rock: its crazy
Mike Matusow: u wouldnt talk to me for weeks now i play great and u cry
Mike Matusow: lol
Spirit Rock: never ever seen you paly this bad
Spirit Rock: cant believe i ever gave you chances to be friends
Spirit Rock: oh well thats all done
Spirit Rock: chat off
Spirit Rock: i mean you are truly playing my god aweful
Dealer: Hand #204438266
Spirit Rock: insane
Mike Matusow: nh guess the crying is over
Spirit Rock: just call everytime
Spirit Rock: maybe you'll win another won soon
Spirit Rock: MIKEY
Spirit Rock: good call to win that 1600 in middle
Spirit Rock: ALL I DO IS BLUFF
Dealer: Hand #204439384
Spirit Rock: so mike can i get it in writing that you will never quit me?
Spirit Rock: lol
Mike Matusow: i will always play u
Mike Matusow: u know thath
Spirit Rock: that is terrific!!!!!!!
Mike Matusow: i polay anyone
Spirit Rock: good then i wont have to wait around
Spirit Rock: for people
Mike Matusow: dont worry if i dont bust u ivy will
Spirit Rock: i will always have you to play
Spirit Rock: sweet
Spirit Rock: i heard you claimed i would bust ivey
Spirit Rock: i guess now you changed your mind
Spirit Rock: you sure go back and forth
Spirit Rock: back and forth
Mike Matusow: well that becuse hes not a fking prick like u
Spirit Rock: this thing one day that thing the other day
Mike Matusow: u not a tenth of a player i am or ivy so go cry
Spirit Rock: id rather be known as a prick
Dealer: Spirit Rock wins the pot ($200)
Spirit Rock: then have 100 fake friends
Spirit Rock: poker world is a joke
Spirit Rock: you woulda put all the money in
Spirit Rock: im sure
Mike Matusow: see the thing is i can make the big call
Dealer: Mike Matusow wins the pot ($100)
Dealer: Hand #204449262
Mike Matusow: that what u havnt figured out yet
Mike Matusow: see now hes trying to play good as soon sa he loses apot
Mike Matusow: his seamy self shows
Spirit Rock: the fold button is located on the left
Perry Friedman (Observer): Hey Mike, did they have you breaking rocks while you were in prison?

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