Saturday, September 10, 2005

"The overlay is of paramount importance."
Stuart Reuben

Quick note before I start playing in Event #7 of the WCOOP, the $500 pot-limit hold em. Maybe I'll live blog this sucker. Check below.

I found this sweet deal from the folks at Poker Blue and thought it worthy of pimping for all my low-limit friends and readers.

Hell, you just need to play four hours of 1/2 to qualify for a nice freeroll:


Virtually one out of four players who entered our $3000 freeroll won last week!

Last Sunday, only 87 players competed in Poker Blue $3,000 freeroll -
and 20 of those were in the money!

And as of today, less that 50 players are eligible for this week's freeroll.

That means if you play just 4 hours this week on PokerBlue.com, you'll
get unbeatable odds to make some easy money this Sunday. To qualify,
you can play ANY No-Limit Hold 'Em Game or ANY $1/$2 limit or higher.

First place is $1,000 CASH and all TOP 20 finishers get paid:

• $1,000.00 = 1st Place
• $500.00 = 2nd Place
• $250.00 = 3rd Place
• $150.00 = 4th Place
• $150.00 = 5th Place
• $100.00 = 6th Place
• $100.00 = 7th Place
• $100.00 = 8th Place
• $75.00 = 9th Place
• $75.00 = 10th Place
• $50.00 = 11th thru 20th Place

This Sunday's tournament starts at 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (3 p.m.
Pacific Daylight Time.)

Consider signing up on Poker Blue with my link or with bonus code:



4.30 - cards in the air.

4.41 - first player already knocked out at our table. cracked aces.

4.46 - big slick nets me the blinds.

4.52 - bored. folding. surfing the web already.

4.56 - raise it up from the button with 9th and flop top pair. turn two pair. river a boat. win a nice little pot.

4.59 - kitten on desk, annoying me.

5.02 - yikes. pocket tens with two overcards on the flop. big raise on turn gets the evil villain to fold.

5.04 - only 1045 players left!

5.11 - watching fossilman's table.

5.17 - railbird chat

DrgonBalls [observer]: Greg, do u have the fossil in front of the PC when u play online
FossilMan: nope

5.19 - found this railbird chat from the other evening.
BillMueller [observer]: do you feel this tourney should be broken down into a day or two, similiar to WSOP? this is a lot of time at the computer without looking at girls

5.21 - fossilman wins massive pot. up to t-8200

5.23 - misplay pocket jacks. again.

5.26 - fossilman pimps his bobblehead at http://www.pokerheads.net/

5.28 - get re-raised preflop with KK. he folds to my re-raise. doh!

5.30 - first break. refill time.

5.40 - down to 880 players. i'm a smidge above average stack. playing uber-tight. need to shift gears in a bit.

5.48 - card dead. waiting.....defend my big blind and win a lil pot.

5.51 - wondering why i'm doing this. missed a flush draw. bye-bye chips.

5.52 - second big pocket pair - rockets. two raises in front. i max raise. no callers for this rock. boooo.

5.56 - FossilMan: people always think I'm bluffing, and they try to bluff me a lot
FossilMan: nowadays

6.03 - wheww, folded aq on a flop of akq. one player held aa and the other tj. still hanging around, about avg stack.

6.12 - must. make. moves.

6.18 - bluff snapped off. severely crippled now.

6.35 - second break. double up or die time.

6.46 - out. pocket jacks lose to ak. damn, i hate jacks.


Thanks to Otis at the Poker Stars blog for this nugget:


Barry Greenstein takes Robin Hood to radio at PokerStars WCOOP

Poker pro Barry Greenstein will join Rick Charles tonight for the audio
commentary at the WCOOP Event # 7 final table. In addition, Barry has generously
agreed to donate 100% of his winnings to the Katrina Relief Fund, which will be
matched dollar-for-dollar by PokerStars (and since Barry is currently in 15th
place, his finishing in the money is not out of the question).
You can listen to the audio webcast by following this link when we reach 15


The audio link will also be in the main lobby and the tournament lobby for Event
#7, as well as in PokerStars news (accessed by clicking the help button at the
top of your client)

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