Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Weee, the games were so damn good on Party Poker I stayed up all night. It's hard to quit when you're running hot. And damn, I'm tired but tickled pink. So now I'm close to crashing hard but wanted to post a few links for ya'll.

Per the latest buzz about Party Poker and their stock, feel free to read their PDF right here:

Go hit Bill Rini for the latest announcement about the blogger get-together in December. Dates are etched in stone.

Please go tell my man, SnailTrax, to not give up the ghost and pull the plug on his blog. Don't do it, Matty!

Go have some laughs at this incredible post and thread on 2+2.
An alltime classic.

For any of my blogging brethren, this is a clever read.
Click on the images and have a chuckle.
What everyone should know about blog depression

Revenge for SpiritRock versus Mike Matasow last evening. I even went and railbirded a bit, a first for me. Read all about it in this thread.
Matusow vs. Spirit Rock right now

And finally, another great column in the 2+2 internet magazine by Alan Schoonmaker, Ph.D. You're gonna need to click the link here to read it:
Should You Quit Your Day Job? — Part II

Quitting your job to pursue poker as a full-time job is a weighty decision. Are you thinking about the right things?

He pointed out a new poker documentary entitled Poker Bustouts.
The definitive look at the OTHER side of poker. The seedy underbelly that no casino or TV poker show wants you to see.

Geez, I wonder how hard it was to find degenerate gamblers in Vegas.

I just watched the 3 minute preview video on their website and ordered it. Can't wait.

Random photo of the day:

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