Friday, September 23, 2005

"You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was."
Irish Proverb

I'm leaving in a bit. Am I packing?
Hell no. Because I'm deeply deranged, I'm sitting here writing this up for you.

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Should be one helluva trip. The journey itself is called from The Shannon to the Thames. And best of all, it's just my Dad and I doing the traveling. Sixteen blissful days in Ireland, Scotland and England.

Moving along, I've decided to do another celebration of everyone's favorite poker author and theorist, David Sklansky. I don't have time for a genuine uber post but feel free to put on your thinking cap and attack these threads from the message boards at 2+2. I wish I knew what David was smoking these days.

This guy's post kinda captured how I feel sometimes when reading David pontificate (especially when he writes about the opposite gender).

Sklansky's ego has in this and other forums been known to be huge - in the 500-1000 BB range. The big question is if he has scored alot of chicks throughout the years? In other words, is he valuebetting a made hand here, or is he overbetting the pot with nothing?

Thoughts please.

And so, here we go:

The Real Life Important Point about Being Moral or Ethical.

How James Woods Helped Me Collect My Thoughts on Morality.

Before he became my buddy, I read an interview of him where he was aked how he prepared himself for a villian's role. His reply was that he always tried to inject some righteousness into that villian no matter how dastardly he appeared. Because he realized that except possibly for the truly insane, everybody basically thinks they are a generally good person. Even career criminals, mobsters and scoundrels justify to themselves that there is a good reason for what they do. Almost no one simply says to themselves "I am bad period. So what? They make excuses in their mind which amount to a desire to conform to some sort of "moral" code, twisted as it may be. And he felt it was important to portray that aspect of their psyche.

Upon reading that I realized James was right. At least as far as the several dozen bad people I knew. And clearly he is right about suicide bombers. Else why would they give up their lives? Surely not just for the 72 virgins. They must have felt that what they were doing was morally right. And that includes the 911 hijackers. (I often think we would have a better chance in the mid east if we would acknowledge this fact rather than simply call them evil criminals. But that is for another thread.) Same goes for most, if not all, Nazis. They almost certainly convinced themselves they were not evil. Likewise slaveowners.

I think everyone agrees that a truly crazy person is not evil any more than an animal is. As for those not crazy, how can you call them evil (rather than stupid or deluded) if they take pains to explain to thmselves or others why what they are doing is "right". Now there may be a few sociopathic types that don't fit into this category but they are either non existent or rare enough to ignore. The fact is that most of those we call evil, upon closer examination really aren't. Probably including Hitler. Something that James Woods helped me see.

I enjoyed this follow-up to David's post by chomsky53:

wow. you are really really dumb.

This following thread is pretty interesting as Daniel Negreanu gets involved in the religious - belief discussion.
Replying To Daniel Negreanu

The Sklansky Chimpanzee Question

The Important Arena in The Debate about God.

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My First Necrophilia Post.

Second Necrophilia Post

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New Dog - Man Question

A Few Simple Questions
Is it OK to kill 100 random people to save the lives of 1000 random people? What about if to save the 1000 lives it was necessary to pick the 100 randomly from a specific group such as Jews or blacks or the residents of Manchester? What about if the killing of 100 results in only a 30% chance of saving 1000?

Different Dog Question

Sorry For Yet Another Dog Post

Jesus's Birth and Death

Very Simple Ethics Question

So Why is Stealing Wrong Again?

Um, this was kinda humorous

Slansky Go Away

slansky get lost you are ruining this place, no one cares about religion. check out the name of this forum, it is "science, math, and philosophy" forum, not the "slansky gets pedantic about relgiion" forum. adios sucker

How About THIS Morals -Ethics Question?

Elitist Reasons For "Life Not Worth Living"

Faith Not "Enough" in Christianity?

Another Simple Question

Little Evidence = Evidence?


Thanks for reading and I'll be back in a few weeks.

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