Friday, October 28, 2005

"Blogging community: Losers, goths, bedwetters, and journalism dropouts."

Don't forget Donkeyfuckers!
I saw the above anon comment on a poker blog and felt compelled to post it.
I'm funny that way.

I've shifted gears the last few days on Party Poker. I'm so freaking burnt on grinding that I've been sitting in the NL ring games as well as playing lots of SNG's. Thanks to the folks who gave me some advice.

Burn-out is a tricky thing. Habitual play can lead to some expensive leaks.
So it'll be fun to see where this twist leads me. I'm planning on spending quality time at the boat this weekend, playing NL with the goofs. Wish me luck.

I have a jillion things to blog about but no time. Lots of good stuff to post - stay tuned.

But for now, a reminder about the Wil Wheaton tournament TONIGHT on Poker Stars. I've really enjoyed playing in Wil's tourneys and encourage you to jump in and play with Wil's posse and plenty of poker bloggers.

Here's the details.

What: WWdN: Up4Poker Invitational
Where: Poker Stars
When: Friday, October 28th. 9:00 PM EST
Password: monkey
Tournament number: 14090593
Buy-in: $10+1

If you bust Wil out, you get naming rights for next week's tournament.

PLUS, I'm quite certain there will be a bloggers cash game going once players start to bust out. We've been playing microlimits, sadly. $10 NL tables on Stars and I imagine that's where we'll be tonight, as well. Feel free to look us up. I'll be the player with 90% VPIP.

Let's leave you with a nice little parable from RGP.


Subject: The Homeless Lady & Hollywood Casino

For the last several years, each afternoon on my walk from my office to the train station I have had the pleasure of passing 5 to 6 of the same homeless people begging for money. Each person has their own way of trying to get people to give money. I pass by the guy on the saxophone, the blind guy, the stranded traveler and the mentally handicapped women with no shoes always reading the latest paperback bestseller. I have probably given each of them a buck or two the first year I started taking this route to work and nothing since. A few weeks ago, it was a Friday, I am in a good mood and leaving work early to go to Hollywood Casino to play poker.

On my way to the train, and about 15 feet away from the mentally handicapped woman with no shoes who is also reading the latest paperback bestseller, screams out in a southern accent "can you spuuuur meeeee some change." I have only heard her use this line several thousand times over the previous few years and am often annoyed by it. But my good mood gets the better of me and with a pocket full of singles, I decide to give her a couple of dollars. Maybe it would bring me luck at the poker tables.

After my one hour commute to Aurora, IL, and short walk to Hollywood Casino I find my way to the poker room to discover that there is a two hour wait. I decide to play some Blackjack but after 45 minutes I am about even and extremely bored. I walk over to the buffet and decide to go for the Friday night seafood special. To my suprise, it was pretty good. After eating dinner, I walk over to the poker room just as my name is being called. I sit down at the 5/10 table and find myself at a table of guys who all work together and many of them playing poker for the first time. I get a few good hands early and raise but not once did I get any callers. Table is pretty tight. Usually the 5/10 game we have several people playing No Foldem Holdem and I am quite suprised by how tight this table is. The action is slow and I am getting bored. I could be at home playing poker online and having a much better time than sitting at this table. I get up and cash in for $60 profit.

On my way out of the casino, I decide to stop at a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. They get me everytime and I am a big sucker everytime I walk by one of those machines. Something about being able to get a chance to spin the big wheel. I deposit $40 dollars and on the very first press of the button, I land on Wheel of Fortune for the chance to spin the wheel.

Just as I am getting ready to spin the wheel, I look to the open seats on my left and then to my right and I quickly look back to my left to notice the very same homeless woman who I had given money to earlier that afternoon sitting down two slots machines away from me..

HOLY COW!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! She can't be in here, she is homeless and she can't afford to be playing slots. She feeds the machine at least 150 singles, one by one with an occasional five dollar bill. No doubt that one of my singles is being fed into the slot machine. As I sat there in amazement, I spin the wheel to pick up $30 dollars that I go on to donate it back to the casino over the next 10 to 15 minutes.

Now that I have blown my forty dollars, I step by behind the homeless lady to watch her play. She does not recognize me or at least pretends to not recognize me. Lucky for her, she chooses probably the hottest slot machine in the casino. She was getting chance to spin the wheel every few tries on the slot machine. Each time hitting anywhere from $30 to 150 dollars. I am cracking up, but can no longer watch and I head home.

Come Monday, I was looking forward to asking the homeless lady how she did at the casino. She is not there and she does not take up her usual spot near the train station for several weeks after that. Either she found a new spot in the city or she hit it big. After about a month, she was back to her old routine. I tell a coworker about what had happened and after noticing her for the first time in about a month we stop to talk to her and ask how she did in the casino. Her only response to each of our questions is "could you spuuuuur meeeee some change?"

For all the people who use RGP to beg for money, maybe you can take lessons from the
homeless lady......

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