Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First time I lose, I drink whiskey
Second time I lose, I drink gin
Third time I lose, I drink anything
'Cause I think I'm gonna win

Gram Parsons, "Ooh, Las Vegas"

One week till Vegas.

Yet another poker blogger gathering.

I never blog my get-togethers with our burgeoning poker Tribe because it's always somewhat overwhelming and I can never recapture the moments very well. But suffice to say - I have some incredible memories thanks to a fantastic group of people. It's an incredibly diverse, smart, strange, bitingly funny group who thankfully never make fun of my diminutive stature. I've really lucked out on the friendships.

It's really unbeleivable to think how far this all has came. I planted my little seed in the blogosphere in September of 2003. Sometimes I'll go hit a random page in my archives and wonder, "Who the fuck wrote all that? I really pity that guy."

This blog is a tribute to my insanity.

Hell, I even yanked out this humorous old quote written about me by an old friend:


Iggy the Blogfather, who is to the poker blogging community what Timothy Leary was to the counterculture movement — simultaneously its biggest cheerleader and its most enthusiastic participant.


And so, in celebration of our impending get-together, I'm gonna go all old-school Johnny Appleseed poker blogger and pimp some guys and girls that I've been overdue on. I owe you a massive uber-post but I've been up for nearly 48 hours straight, training for Vegas. Hopefully I'll bang one out for you before I leave town. Stay tuned.

Visit these folks, damnit. A buncha honking new poker bloggers out there for you to Destroy Workplace Productivity.
In no particular order:

Pot Committed
An L.A. native's journey on the felt and the big screen.
Way over-due pimp here.

Poker Sweet Home
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Ros on a Rush

White Belt Poker
Zen and the art of the low-limit poker grind…

Poker Doctor
Never Play Cards With a Man Called Doc

Redpill's Poker journey
Thank you to whomever sent me this one.

The Slag Pile
Another St Louis blogger!

Littleacornman's poker n life blog
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.( or the little acorn goes on tilt and becomes a broke little acorn)

All in でしょう
(オールインでしょう = All in deshou = I guess I'm all in.)
A journey of six thousand miles begins with a single chip.

Poker Poison
Watch out World.....

Dumbasses Trump All
A place where someone ridicules "special" people playing with buttons you have to click three times

radiovegas poker blog

Compromising Anonymity
23 Skidoo reference? Serious bonus points.

Predator314's Poker Journal
The insights into my Poker game and my life in general. I'm a self proclaimed semi-pro low limit poker player trying to build a bankroll and pay bills with poker winnings.


Set Over Set
The attempts of a young man to turn a paycheck or two into copious amounts of cash. In short, early retirement.

Donkey hunter
Pin the tail on the donkey - The trials and tribulations of a fledgling poker player

Meek's Poker Bank Roll
Blog written by a Poker Bank Roll belonging to the poker player Meek.

Marks Poker Blog
Mark Strahan from Dublin, Ireland blogs on about the game of poker in Ireland and throughout the world!

Poker and other stuff.

Beau's Poker Blog
This is my newest blog, where I will discuss anything ranging from how I do in poker tournaments, to news from the world of poker, and the occasional live-blog of a tournament I'm participating in.

Everything Has A Limit


And in the spirit of community, let's repost this wonderful anti-blog rant from 2+2:


Blogs are Gay

Everytime I see a new blog starting up, I am compelled to sound off, so here goes.

Blog's are gay. Why do people feel so self-important? The problem with blogs is that they aren't written by anyone interesting. If they were, they would be TV shows. Furthermore I think the writers of these blogs are delusional. Do you really think you are captivating audiences with your ruminations on everyday life? Give me a god damn break. Hey man, check out my blog! No fucking thanks, if I wanted to know about your boring ass life, I would hang out with you.

Note to blog authors: If the blog was YOUR idea, it was surely a bad one. Don't you think if someone wanted to know about your life, they would ASK you to write a blog? Hey I know, I'll just start a blog and if nobody reads it I don't care, it's for me anyway. That's a steaming load of crap. If you don't want anyone to read it, then don't write it.

Now that we've established that blog authors desperately want an audience, let's move on to content. My thesis: Nobody in the US has ever written an interesting blog. Why the US? Well, blogs from international spies or people in war-torn countries are obviously cool. Compared to those though, American blogs are dumb. I mean this with absolute sincerity, and it is addressed to anyone who writes a blog: your life is not interesting. No really, I know it seems interesting because it's your life, but it's not. And a poker blog? I hope to god anyone who writes a poker blog is playing at LEAST 15/30 online. I think I'd rather do my own dental work than read a blog about 5/10 or lower.

And wtf is a blog anyway. It sounds like something I dropped off in the toilet after a night of pickled eggs and Jaegermeister. Was "weblog" too many god damn syllables to digest? Or was blog just too "hip" to pass up. Either way, I won't be reading any blogs, least of all any poker blogs. Peace.


To each their own.
Now sign up on Party Poker with Bonus Code IGGY damnit.

And after you've plowed through all the new poker blogs, make sure to go read the fine folks at Up For Poker.

Addendum: thanks to everyone who dropped me a note saying they enjoyed my last post. I guess the lesson there is to stop uber-posting and just focus on 4AM drunken ramblings.

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