Sunday, November 20, 2005

I sure like these short little posts. Hell, I could do two dozen of these instead of an uberpost.

Anyway, for those of you who missed the 60 Minutes piece, here's a 2+2 thread with recaps and opinions.

60 Minutes features on online gambling tonight

My favorite post?


This was great! Newbies learned that:

- Party Poker is the #1 most popular site. Guess that's probably a good place to go then!

- Whenever I see a '.net' ad, they really mean I should go to .com for real gambling!

- If I'm an underage minor, Golden Palace is an excellent place to get to play!

- 12 Million Americans are playing, and they haven't complained - maybe this 'internet gambling' isn't so shady after all!


Follow-up from the above 2+2 thread:

There is a story and a 2 minute interview with the president of Sportingbet at the 60 minutes homepage here. Jon Kyl has lost his mind.

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