Monday, December 19, 2005

"The WPBT – what an event. There’s not enough energy in my fingers and brain to fill in everything that happened today or to even begin to express my feelings about all the fantastic people that introduced themselves to me. I’ve never felt more welcome and secure in a group of people that simply come together to have a good time, try to beat each other’s brains out in a game of poker, and then go home and write about it. Incredible! I’m just a little old granny, pecking along in cyber space and slinging tickets across the green felt…but D-A-M-N!!! They made me feel like I’m a super star."
Poker Works - Linda

I never would have started this blog, if not for Linda.
She Destroyed my Workplace Productivity for years, damnit.

Sadly, no time for an uberpost so I'm gonna link up some great poker blogging in our lil sewing circle. Seriously superb stuff here. Wish I could pimp it all.

I can't remember what I was doing this time last week (in the MGM poker room, perhaps? AlCanHang's suite?), but I know it involved some serious, heavy drinking.

Damn, I wish we were doing it again next weekend.

I've been having too much damn fun reading all the Vegas Trip Reports. I know the poker bloggers list may be overwhelming to some of my readers so I wanted to make sure and point out a few for the fun of it. But for posterity's sake, there's just so many great writeups that I'm gonna list everyone below again. Please take some time and rip through em.

Obviously, the Greatest Gambling Moment was Phil Gordon meeting up with the bloggers and Mrs. HumanHead at the MGM poker room.

If you somehow missed this two-part tale, it's a must-read.

Part one of this tale brought to you by FTrain.
Vegas Moments: Roshambo

And Part Deux by Joe Speaker:
Tiltboys: The Lost Episode

Maudie's excellent podcast about last weekend.
Go listen now - Maudie rules.
Plus, she cusses like a sailor on this so make sure to listen till the end.
Vegas Report

Alan from Geek & Proud posted his top three poker hands of the weekend and since he likely played more than anyone, he's qualified to do so. I'm proud to say I made the list and it wasn't my allin with the Hammer in our tourney (in which I rivered a straight versus BG - who later knocked me out).
Three Hands

CJ stuck up a video interview segment featuring the lovely Jaxia Hiatt & Wil and the final table bust-outs.
WPBT Holiday Classic: The Movie

The Best Cab Ride Ever, by Donkeypuncher

Gotta read Pauly's latest.

Winning the WPBT Holiday Classic 2005: by champion Studioglyphic.

And last, but obviously not least, for those of you pondering joining us for a gathering, here's two great first-time attendee writeups.

Social Reset, Part 2 by Biggest Ron

And legendary MeanGene offered his take on his long overdue trip to Vegas:
The Next, Uh, 50 Hours

And here's everyone. Stop working and go read.


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