Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brutal, stressful drive home from Tunica in nonstop rain. I had a superb time but I'm too bushed to write anything detailed right now.

Abridged WSOP Circuit Event tournament report: after seven hours of solid poker, I took a brutal river beat in the 1K NL after building a real nice stack. I'm still surprised that a fellow big stack would put all his money in on the turn on a flush draw, but the fact that he hit the straight flush stung a bit. Insult to injury and all that.

Getting blindingly drunk afterwards with a group of great people helped ease the pain. I also did well in Roshambo despite the fact that Eric Seidel and Robert Varkonyi refused to play me. Cowards.

A very special thanks to the crew at UpForPoker for letting me crash on their floor when I couldn't get a room on Saturday night. And for the tournament poker tips. Priceless.

Here's a few quick poker links. The poker bloggers are coming into our own - witness:

One of our own, poker blogger Absinthe scores a six-figure win out in LA. Kudos to Murderers Row.

Yet another poker blogger wins an event, this one down in Tunica.
Chris Fargis gets a ring and respect.

Facty popped the 16k guaranteed tourney on Full Tilt.

Pauly is blogging the Borgata Winter Open.

Spaceman is kicking ass blogging the events down in Tunica for Bluff Magazine.

Back soon.

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