Sunday, February 12, 2006

Howdy all, thanks for stopping by.

I'm not sure how the PokerStars 750k guaranteed tourney today ended up with 5,506 players, but it did. My guess is the turnout was so damn big because it's the first weekend without football. Just a hunch.

So I multitabled the Stars 750k and the Party Poker 500k today. Busted out in the latter close to the second break.

I lasted into 561st place at Stars, doing a decent Dan Harrington imitation. They paid out 549 spots so it was truly a classic bubble performance, winning nothing after outlasting 5000 players. Fast Eddie cashed, however, and I had a small piece of him, so there's that.

But hell, I had fun and it was a decent showing considering I haven't played one of these in forever. I really want to tackle these each week.

I was all set to uber it up but I just got a few emails so I'm gonna wait till tomorrow. So for now, this is some important stuff that I need to pass along. Consider this Public Service Announcement Sunday.

First of all, WPBT Vegas Champ, Glyph, over at StudioGlyphic is desperately seeking help. Please go read his post Seeking potential bone marrow donors (Filipino, 18-61).

You can also check out Christine's website: www.savechristine.com.

And a fellow poker blogger sent me this email today, which I'm posting with permission. I'll be playing in this tourney, for sure, and I hope my readers will, as well. Please go sign up.


Suck Out on Leukemia


I remember that you were a big supporter of the tourney for Charlie last year on PokerStars. I was hoping that you could help support a similar tourney over on Full Tilt later this month. All info about this tourney can be found at http://www.fulltiltforum.com/Topic178624-37-1.aspx

I am a member of www.fulltiltforum.com (FTF) and I am writing to invite you to play in a special tournament called FTF Sucks Out On Leukemia on Sunday, February 26th at 17:00 EST, one hour before the 200k guarantee.

Here’s some information about our group:

FTF is a poker community of a thousand-plus who play almost exclusively on Full Tilt Poker. We are a diverse group - from virtually every state and country, young and old, male and female, high rollers and small stakes players - brought together by our shared love of poker.

And sometimes a little more.

Last September, after Hurricane Katrina, we knew we had to do something to help. So FTF sponsored a three-day poker marathon with all members' winnings going to the victims of the disaster. Assisted by some some wonderful pros who spent hours at our FullTiltForum.com table drawing in players - including Andy Bloch, Erik Seidel, John Juanda, Clonie Gowen, Rafe Furst and Richard Brodie - we managed to raise over $4,000 for the American Red Cross.

It was a gratifying achievement for a group of people, most of whom have never even met.

But now we face a personal crisis.

The founder of our forum, Rich Deede (rocco20v), recently received some devastating news. A few days before Christmas his fiance, 24-year-old Jill, was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). She was admitted immediately to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland and since then, has been receiving chemotherapy treatments while waiting for a bone marrow transplant. Obviously, something like this can never happen at a good time, but for Jill and Rich it has been particularly difficult because their joint insurance, purchased just weeks earlier, had not yet kicked in. That means the initial weeks of her hospital stay, treatment and diagnosis costs rest solely on them.

So our forum is coming together to help and through the kindness of Full Tilt Poker, we have been granted permission to hold this one-time $10+$16 NL HE tourney to raise money for Rich and Jill. It will be listed in FTP under PRIVATE TOURNIES, as FTF Sucks Out On Leukemia on Sunday, February 26th at 17:00 EST.

The password: playforjill.

It would be a thrill to have you join us. I would be very appreciative if you could blog about it at the least, as you are so widely read, being the "blogfather".

Your participation would go a long way towards making this very important tournament a success. Thanks in advance for considering this request.

Bill (aka Illinifan, Illinifan97) (Confessions of an amateur poker player)

Count me in, damnit.
And I'll donate any winnings (as if) to the cause.

Back soon with an uber.

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