Friday, February 03, 2006

Reader mail Friday.
Posted with permission, of course.
And thanks to everyone who commiserated and commented on my previous post.

I enjoyed this note from Joel as it brought back fond memories of Bradoween and also touts the power of Bonus Code Iggy on Party Poker, damnit.


Subject: ramblings from a stranger

Howdy Iggy,

I'm a regular reader. Lots of fiber.

Thanks again for taking the time to uber it up routinely for us anonymous interweb denizens. It's much appreciated, no matter how many douchebags might indicate otherwise (and probably appreciated beyond the folks who do note that they dig it). I like both elements you bring: the clearinghouse of poker news and the restrained-yet-seemingly-about-to-burst-forth-in-a-torrent philosophy.

Enough sycophancy, I suppose. I've got rambling queries and stories of dubious entertainment value.

First off, some graffiti from a local bar. Bear with me. I swear it's worth telling you about. Sort of. Graffito the first:

-- Otis, 3.11.05
[artistic rendering of 2h and 7d]

Graffito the second:

-- 8.19.05

I ran across these in December or thereabouts, and what made it interesting was that they were in a basement bar in downtown Greenville, SC, which I've just learned is Otis's home (not ten minutes from my wee town). Where the hell have I been?

In any case, it looks as though someone is spreading the love.

The other is just that I just ran across a gentleman playing the .50/1 tables at holdempoker.com with the handle Iggysdady. Just thought you should know. Oh, and he sucked.

Apologies if that's actually, y'know, your dad.

That's more or less it, except a testimonial. My only other email to you has been to note my use of bonus code IGGY, dammit. (You promised me your firstborn, but the little people can be mendacious, I hear.) I've turned my occasional recreational play into regular grinding and whoring (what other quasi-legal hobby uses terms like these?) at Party and elsewhere into $1200 and counting. Small potatoes, but tasty ones.

Thanks again, sir.


Nope, thank you. It's rare to get such positive feedback on the blog, believe it or not.

I'm gonna pimp some new poker blogs in a bit, methinks.

But for now, I'm gonna pimp BiggestRon's final chapter in this December's past blogger get-together. Funny, but as Maudie and I sat together drinking in Tunica, chatting about blogging, we both agreed that our favorite writeup of that Gathering had been his. And hell, he just finished up Chapter Five so please go read:

Social Reset, Part 5

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