Friday, March 03, 2006

"Poker bloggers are a granfalloon."
Joe Speaker to me at the MGM bar

One of my favorite lines from the last poker blogger get-together.

I was truly enjoying myself in Vegas, sitting at the bar, drinking and listening to Daddy and Joe Speaker wax poetic about major league baseball and other deep topics when Daddy excused himself to hit the john. I somehow ended up rambling about Kurt Vonnegut when Mr. Speaker ripped off the above line. Brilliant.

It's funny, some writers make me want to never write again. Mostly though, some inspire, some make me laugh, some make me think, some cause me to yawn. But that gawddamned JoeSpeaker is so freaking good that I usually think about deleting this blog after reading his stuff.

And he's blogging thru Hell right now. It's heartbreakingly painful and brutally honest & amazing writing all at the same time.

And despite my reservations at linking and pointing out what he's going through right now, his post today forced my hand. Send him good mojo.

Go read:

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