Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Busy week. It's amazing how quickly poker, golf and drinking tons of beer can fill up the hours.

I've been doing very well at the boat, until the last two days. Ouch. I divide my time mainly between the 10.20 game (which is truly a no-fold em game as recounted in a trip report by CC here: Argosy Casino Trip Report) and the baby 1/3 NL game. Why the smaller NL game? Simply put, it's just a more gambly, very loose, fun game. Lotsa guys just looking for action.

Today was Dogfest, one of the Midwest's largest canine festivals. It was also a chance for our frisbee dog to compete again. Funny, when we showed for our first event, it was simply with a dog and leash. Now we've got the giant tent, professional coolers and all the other dog show accoutrements needed to be on the tour.

Because our dog is still green (and we suck at throwing frisbees), we are competing in the novice category. But Toby kicked ass, finishing 6th out of over 30 dogs. He could have done better, but with time left for one more crucial throw, instead of taking the frisbee back to my wife at the throwing line, he trotted over to me sitting in our tent on the sideline -- and dropped it in my lap. Nice.

The pro's were amazing to watch as well as the freestyle competition. We were lucky to have last years Skydog world champion there to perform for us. Incredible stuff.

Tis funny, too, cause our dog is competing against nearly all purebreeds, lots of border collies and Australian cattle dogs. So when our mutt gets announced, it's always as "that black fuzzy dog". He's a crowd favorite, though, due to his boundless enthusiasm, ability to get some serious air and a sincere willingness to sacrifice his body for the catch.

There was a HUGE doberman, named Scooby that was nearly as big as a Great Dane. And he was a freestyle dog, of all things. Amazing dog.

Here's Jamie Hammond and his doberman, Scooby, demonstrating the ever dangerous-looking "mouth-take" during their freestyle routine in last years competition.


Back to poker. Thanks to my hero, Otis, over at the PokerStars blog, I was picked to have a bounty placed on my head in tommorrow's big blogger tournament.

Here's the skinny:


To make the event even more interesting, PokerStars has just placed bounties on the heads of five well-known bloggers and personalities.

ADB DaVoice -- (aka Rick Charles) Known in the poker world as The Voice of Poker, Charles is a longtime radio man with a passion for poker. Charles was one of the original PokerStars players. He also hosted PokerStars Radio during the 2005 World Championship of Online Poker.

Bounty: Entry into PokerStars $370 buy-in 150 WSOP Seat Guaranteed event on July 16.

FellKnight -- RGP regular and king of the Rampage betting system, the Canadian military man is about to take the plunge into pro poker play.

Bounty: Entry into PokerStars $370 buy-in 150 WSOP Seat Guaranteed event on July 16.

Guinness & Poker -- (aka The BlogFather), the man who inspired just about every existing poker blog on the Internet. Reclusive and secretive, most people aren't sure if he is a sober housewife, a little person from the Midwest, or a fulltime professional poker player.

Bounty: Entry into PokerStars $370 buy-in 150 WSOP Seat Guaranteed event on July 16.

Up4Poker -- (aka The LuckBox) Known widely for his ability to suck out on the best hand. He recently declared, "Just make sure you get in behind, because if I have outs, you're going down. I'm The Luckbox. And don't you forget it!"

Bounty: Entry into PokerStars $370 buy-in 150 WSOP Seat Guaranteed event on July 16.

WilWheaton -- Member of Team PokerStars and host of the weekly PokerStars WWdN Invitational series. Wheaton is a lifelong actor, writer, and poker player. Look for him online at PokerStars and in Las Vegas during the 2006 World Series of Poker.

Bounty: PokerStars hat, shirt, and fleece.


There's already over 2,000 bloggers registered to play. Holy shit, I better get working on updating my blogroll on the right, eh?

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll get an uber post up in a day or two, promise.

Allow me to leave you with three pics of our black fuzzy dog having fun. I hate to be THAT guy that posts dog pictures, but apparently that's what I've become.

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