Friday, November 10, 2006

Finally, it's a done deal.
Announcement forthcoming.

Quick rare non-poker anecdote:

There is a homeless man living in the woods right behind our building where I work. He has a tent and we occasionally get glimpses of him here and there.

I brought in binoculars since I sit right in front of a window. Yes, I've become obsessed over a hobo.

But yesterday, a co-worker and I decided to go bring him some food and meet him. We went and bought a buncha fruit and other stuff and walked across the lot to the woods.

"Hello?" we yelled.

He came on out, shook both of our hands and graciously accepted the food. His name was Sean and he had been living there since last January. He was surprisingly articulate and bright - I only say surprisingly because I figured a guy living in the woods might be a beer short of a six pack.

He even taught us a new word, condola, a type of train container. The trains from downtown run right over where he lives. I can't imagine how he sleeps.

He had never been homeless before. He said he was an Eagle Scout as a kid so he just considered this an extended camping trip.

We talked for over 15 minutes, asking him what else he could use (food and batteries!), how much harassment he has to deal with - if any, his love for the Sunday Bengals tailgaters (kickass chili!), et al.

At one point my co-worker, Susan, asked gently, "Sean, how did you end up here?" gesturing at his camp.

He tugged at his beard and said quietly, "Susan, how do any of us end up anywhere?"

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