Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I can't tell you how many terse emails I've gotten over my last post. Basically they say, "You fucking blog tease!"

But alas, I can't spill the beans. Yet.

A faithful reader just emailed me this, though, and I thought I'd share it. With permission, of course:


Subject: Your blog says to stay tuned - driving us crazy!

Iggy, Blogfather, I beseech thee on behalf of your readership. . .

To paraphrase an abused radio call-in show opening, long time lurker first time writer.

I've read your blog for the last year or so amongst others. First off, I can't adequately express my thanks for your continued work in blogging of both the traditional and uber sort. It's always great to see that you've updated, and feel the swirling pull of my work focus headed down the drain! Keep up the good work!

This is the first time I've ever actually written in response to a blog of any type.

For the love of god, please let us in on what we should be staying tuned for! I know I'm not the only one having fits wondering what huge announcement is right around the corner. A new gathering? Inside info on the election? Final statement on little person status? Al has begun to successfully hang? What's going on!

Okay - I'm not quite taking it as seriously as that last paragraph might make it sound, but I am intensely curious, and if you could let us all in on the secret I know we'd appreciate it.



I will as soon as I can. Promise.

I'll be playing in the Mookie tournament tonight on Full Tilt at 9pm EST.
So should you.
Look for it on the private tourney tab.
Password: vegas1

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