Monday, March 26, 2007

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"The problem with love and our generation is that we have abandoned the lost art of settling."
Jason Mulgrew

It's official, Spring has arrived - my Dairy Queen opened this weekend.

I fully intended to have a monster uber post up for all my faithful readers, but alas, this weekend's weather kept me away from the computer (although I did go to the boat to play some poker).

But for now, I just want to thank Jason (People magazine's top 50 bachlelors - go get him ladies!) for linking me up and sending me three billion visitors from his outstanding blog. I mean, I've had some fine links pointing to this here humble poker blog over the years but Jason's was a tsunami of traffic.

It's so rare to find a blog that I instantly get hooked on, in fact, I ended up going back thru his archives and reading his entire damn blog, savoring it like a fine book.

I'd recommend starting off at his Choice Cuts page and reading from there.

Allow Jason's tales to destroy some Workplace Productivity in my stead. I'll be back ASAP with what I do best. Ubering it the hell up.

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