Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Abdul Jalib & Izmet Fekali 

"I hear if you record the text of 'Theory of Poker' and play it backwards, it says "This is all for you, sweet Satan." Over and over, and over, and over, and over."

Fourth post of the day! A new record!

Yes, I'm still reading.
Trying to catch up on RGP after a week away is particularly brutal.

And I just read the Mother of all threads on 2+2. For my old school readers, prepare to relish.

God, I used to blog about Abdul Jalib and Izmet Fekali all the damn time. Feels good to do so again. And then there's Angelina Fekali, Izmet's sister, who once asked very nicely for a link to her poker blog on my blogroll back in 2003.

Abdul is one of the greatest poker minds ever, damnit.

Who else is involved in this weird drama? Andrew Prock, he of the juicy chess club brain. Ditto for Sklansky. And, oh yeah, Sgt. Rock, who no one remembers except maybe HDouble, Mrs. Calistri and the crew at UpForPoker.

Here's the original post and thread.
18 pages of Awesomeness.
Stop working and go read:


The Ljubljana Conspiracy.

The whole DERB thing is now utterly out of control, so I apologise for making matters worse. See the recent threads in Mid/High Limit for background.

1) DERB comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has a somewhat questionable style of play, yet is a suprisingly big winner at the high stakes limit partypoker games.

2) Andrew Prock, who started the recent "DERB" thread is part of "Project Mayhem", based in, you guessed it, Ljubljana. However, when this was pointed out to him in the DERB thread, he stopped responding.

3) Other Project Mayhem members include Abdul Jalib and Izmet Fekali.

4) The "Fekali family" are from Ljubljana, and Abdul Jalib apparantly moved there.

4) Angelina Fekali, one of the earliest registered members on 2+2, suddenly appears and makes only her in one of the DERB threads, in response to a cryptic David Sklansky "Joke". The tone of the post would suggest some connection between Angelina Fekali and David Sklansky.

There are numerous unanswered questions concerning the Ljubljana connection. Is DERB part of "Project Mayhem" and linked to the Fekali's and Abdul Jalib? Are the Fekali's a real family or just the invention of a fertile imagination? I think Abdul Jalib may just be an alias itself? Who is Tonda? Tonda Hall? What does Andy Prock and David Sklansky know that the rest of us don't?


It's all one big mystery.

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